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Think Summit 2024 Highlights

Arielle Hornedo

Revisiting Think Summit 2024

Another Think Summit New York has quickly come and gone, but 2024 was definitely the best run yet. With brand giants like United Airlines and Meta, along with incredible guest speakers Matthew Luhn (Disney/Pixar) and Antoni Porowski (Queer Eye), there was no shortage of inspiration and next-level tactics. 

But that wasn’t all. Beyond the visionary presentations and exclusive activities, AI was at the heart of this year’s conference. Every marketer has had AI on the brain lately, but how can we cut through the noise and discover the best ways to actually leverage the solution for leading marketing messaging? This was the question Think Summit 2024 sought to answer—and the conference did just that. You can read through the highlights here to see for yourself!

Brands’ Behind-the-Scenes

It’s always a proud moment to see how Movable Ink is powering the most innovative brands in the business. From data-driven emails and smooth omni-channel experiences, to AI-powered personalization, each brand had a noteworthy story to tell. 

One of my personal favorites was the session from adidas’s René Hirschbolz (Director, Consumer Engagement). He showed the audience how his team personalizes every product launch to maximize the hype, revealing the behind-the-scenes process of the iconic campaigns we know and love today. Whether it’s pre-season or off-season, this brand is always killing the game.

Speaking of ground-breaking campaigns, we also hosted our yearly Think Summit Awards ceremony to honor clients that have truly made waves with their messaging this year. Including Best 1:1 Personalization, Campaign of the Year, AI Innovator, and more, these brands never failed to impress their customers—and us!—this past year.

It wouldn’t have been a true Think Summit without some nuggets of wisdom from unexpected guests. One of my favorite quotes from the entire conference was when Antoni said, “Just focus on hiring functional experts who are smarter than you - and get out of their way.”  Moments like these are a clear reminder why bringing in fresh perspectives outside of the marketing world is so important; each of our guest speakers at Think Summit help marketers think outside-the-box as they chase both personal and professional goals.

Forging the Path of AI

Marketers are well aware of how AI can instantly generate images or copy, but the solution is capable of far more than that. Attendees witnessed first-hand how Da Vinci AI can uncover critical customer insights, answering marketers’ most pressing questions: what to say to recipients, when and how to deploy messaging, and how to track it all for future campaigns.

With Da Vinci’s Creative, Messaging, and Performance IQs, marketers will be able to stay in step with customers and send messages that always resonate.

In addition to product reveals, the Change Agents panel also gave attendees the tools and tactics they need to build a business case for AI. Marketers came away from the panel ready to be AI pioneers at their companies, knowing how to drive home the value that the right solution brings to the table.

Exclusive Experiences

To balance out all of the learning, Think Summit brought the fun too. Throughout the day, we ran a Sponsor Passport challenge where attendees could visit each booth to receive a copy of Antoni: Let’s Do Dinner by Antoni Porowski from the Swag Store. 

To finish off the conference, Moengage sponsored a high-energy after party that featured fun activities like luggage tag monogramming, a 90s cover band, a gelato cart, and more. The fan favorite of the night, however, was definitely the glam camera for capturing those slow motion red carpet-worthy moments!

See You Next Year!

Already looking forward to Think Summit 2025 or still thinking about that one session that stood out to you? Learn more about the AI-powered era of marketing by checking out our resources, signing up for our newsletter, or exploring the Da Vinci Product Page.