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Think Summit 2022: CEO Vivek Sharma Introduces Da Vinci, Movable Ink’s AI Engine

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Think Summit 2022 was filled with memorable moments, none more so than Movable Ink’s CEO Vivek Sharma announcing Da Vinci by Movable Ink during his keynote speech on day one. Da Vinci is an AI-driven content personalization engine that creates a more meaningful approach to individualized content and helps brands achieve higher customer lifetime value.

Da Vinci by Movable Ink will revolutionize the way marketers connect with their customers. By leveraging AI to show consumers the content they want, when they want it, on the device they want it, brands around the world can build more personal customer relationships while increasing average lifetime value. 

The days of campaign-centric marketing are over. With Da Vinci by Movable Ink, marketers can pivot to 1:1, human-centric marketing techniques that will change the way you communicate with your customers. As technology continues to keep pace with consumer needs, brands will need solutions that place every individual shopper’s preferences at its core.

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One-Size-Fits-All Marketing Leads to Unsubscribes

During his keynote speech, Vivek got down to the heart of the matter: people are drowning in a sea of emails, push notifications, and text messages that aren’t catered to their unique needs. It’s exhausting, and it’s causing too many consumers to ignore brand messages or unsubscribe all together. 

The issue often stems from marketing campaigns that take weeks and sometimes months to plan. If one deadline isn’t hit or one data point is altered, it causes a chain reaction that leaves some marketers back at square one. Too many brands forgo personalization that would make a lasting impact on their omni-channel campaigns because the thought of one more step is too daunting. 

Customers are also now more comfortable with omni-channel, human-centric communications from brands. The best marketers in the world are creating campaigns that optimize a customer’s interests, on the devices they use, and in the channels where they prefer. Data, technology, and personalization are no longer a “nice” concept, they are a requirement for reaching most of today’s consumers.

It’s time to upgrade your marketing personalization

As Vivek noted during his session, the car industry has come a long way since he was driving a Geo Storm back in college. Back then everything was manual–the transmission, the windows, the cassette player. Now, look at the latest Cadillac and you see a car that features a thoughtful, tech-driven user interface and a much nicer finish. 

While a Cadillac is the marker of current automotive innovation, the future is even more automated, with the possibility of autonomous cars that drive themselves and sense a person’s needs before the rider needs to even push a button. At Movable Ink, we compare ourselves to the autonomous driving future. There will come a day when marketers can leverage AI to pinpoint a customer’s needs before that person even realizes they need it. That’s where Da Vinci comes in. 

Da Vinci applies AI to build a map of a product and transactional space, identifying the optimal path forward for each customer and allows marketers to:

  • Optimize for higher customer lifetime value. A unique content discovery path is created for each customer that organically guides them to more relevant products and categories throughout marketing programs, helping achieve higher lifetime value for the brand.

  • Use AI while still maintaining creative control. Da Vinci isn't a black-box approach to AI; instead, marketers can promote specific products or categories that are integral to their brand identity or aspirational for the future. With Da Vinci, marketers don’t have to give up the personal touch that only a human can add. 

  • Improve efficiency and streamline email operations. With an easy-to-use UI, brands can decouple content creation from campaign setup and scheduling. By automating decisions in advance of inevitable calendar changes and approval delays, brands can create operational efficiencies and generate the best communications for each customer and prospect at the right time. 

  • Protect margins and reduce reliance on promotions. Brands today over-rely on promotions and discounts to get customers to engage. With Da Vinci, marketers can generate a personalized path of editorial and promotional content customers are most likely to engage with while balancing short-term revenue with long-term relationships. 

Enable feedback loops to inform creative. Da Vinci has a creative library with content analytics that identify how creative has performed across different audiences (i.e., impressions, conversion, clicks, etc.)High-performing content will remain in circulation and be tested on new audiences, while low-performing content automatically falls back. Feedback loops also help brands measure revenue lifts in a more disciplined way.

Da Vinci moves marketers one step closer to human-centric campaigns

Consumers want marketing that is unique to their needs. Marketers need technology that can scale campaigns to do so without adding headcount or workload. Da Vinci sits at the intersection between the customer want and the marketer need, bringing the two closer together through AI and automation.

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