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Movable Ink

Movable Ink Wins at the AI Breakthrough Awards

Title image reading, Movable Ink: Best AI-Based Solution for Marketing
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We are thrilled to be named as the best AI-based solution for marketing in 2023 by AI Breakthrough Awards. To be recognized as an industry trailblazer is an honor, and Movable Ink is excited to continue breaking ground with cutting-edge AI technology.

Curious what makes Movable Ink AI the first-class choice for marketers across the globe? Get a quick rundown on the award-winning solution:

AI Powered Personalization

Marketers everywhere know that data-driven personalization is the way to customers’ hearts, but Movable Ink takes that tactic to the next level. Not only is valuable zero- and first-party data activated to engage customers today, it’s leveraged to foster them for long-term loyalty through four AI models:

  • The Prediction Model uses three components to ensure the right content is delivered to the right customer at the right time. 

  • The Vision Model uses deep learning to analyze language and creatives, ultimately generating algorithms that determine which elements will resonate with customers most. 

  • The Generation Model optimizes and scales subject lines using GPT while ensuring the output is aligned with the brand’s voice and guidelines.

  • The Insights Model creates unique profiles for each individual customer based on their aggregate traits, all while objectively scoring the effectiveness of each creative sent to them.

The combination of these powerful models results in a triple win for marketers’ business goals: increased customer lifetime value (CLTV), simplified workflows, and captivating creative strategies. With Movable Ink AI, marketers can adapt to customers’ unique preferences through an autonomous workflow—giving teams the bandwidth they need to activate their most innovative ideas yet.

Curious how brands are using Movable Ink AI?

Discover the power of our AI in the groundbreaking case study with Lands' End.

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Movable Ink AI in Action

See for yourself why Movable Ink AI is the ideal solution for marketers across industries. Here, Movable Ink AI creates two emails, each tailored to the individual customer.

In the email on the left, Movable Ink AI analyzes the customer's previous purchases and email engagement behavior to predict her interest in the handbag category, generating a message that includes an eye-catching hero image and call-to-action to shop for handbags online or in-store. 

Underneath, the dynamic content blocks provide product recommendations within that same category. To finish off the email, an exclusive deal for cutlery entices the customer to explore a new area — kitchen goods.

Two emails generated by Da Vinci

For the second customer, Movable Ink AI promotes editorial content in the hero image and pairs it with 5-star kitchen products within the dynamic product blocks. To foster deeper engagement, first-party behavioral data is used to reintroduce the customer to a different category, kids’ toys in this case, from what he previously browsed.

Whether it’s reinforcing recent actions or strategically introducing new brand offerings that ultimately deepen loyalty, marketers can trust Movable Ink AI to understand and serve customers’ needs—before they even think to ask.

Movable Ink AI is the award-winning way for marketers to engage their customers for a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Take your next step and discover Movable Ink AI for yourself.

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