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Maven of the Month: An Interview with Ken Pelasky

This month’s featured Movable Mavens Community member is Ken Pelasky, Bath & Body Works' Senior Manager of Email & Mobile Marketing. In this short and sweet interview, get to know a little more about Ken and how he makes the most of his partnership with Movable Ink.

How would you describe Movable Ink's value to your business to another marketer?

I often describe Movable Ink as the industry’s thought leader and premier provider of data-activation and marketing personalization. At its core, Movable Ink enables and empowers marketers to tap into their customer data to design and deliver campaigns that feel customized, complete with dynamic content and personalized touchpoints that drive customer engagement.

What campaign are you most excited to work on this year?

Fragrance is fun year-round, but the holiday season is when Bath & Body Works shines. Our sought-after scents (both new and returning favorites), the music, the in-store décor, and our charismatic associates all come together to create an experience that’s unlike any other. It’s always so fascinating to see how we make this marketing magic happen every year as we invite customers across all of our channels to visit us and experience the brand at its best.

What is your greatest marketing superpower?

Developing partnerships. Marketing is so multi-faceted, and wins are not achieved alone. You need the collective power of partners, both inside and outside your organization, to bring campaigns to life. I continuously prioritize partnerships across our business as well as with our industry partners—including Movable Ink, of course—in a way that informs communication, initiates collaboration, and inspires connectivity and culture.

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What advice would you give to other marketing teams looking to enhance their email campaigns?

Marketing is a mix of art and science, and it's a blend of intuition and information. As much as I trust my instincts, I trust insights equally. At Bath & Body Works, we are constantly leading with curiosity and prioritizing test-and-learn agendas to improve our own marketing efforts. In our ever-evolving landscape, I recommend laying out your own curiosities and questions, prioritizing what’s most important, and ultimately testing to see what you can learn about your customers and your campaigns.

Which brand’s marketing is inspiring you at the moment?

For me, inspiring marketing always starts with a story, and no one does storytelling quite like Disney and Pixar. Just a few weeks ago at Movable Ink’s Think Summit 2024, I was reminded of the power of storytelling thanks to keynote speaker Matthew Luhn. As an animator on Toy Story, Pixar’s first computer-generated animated film, Matthew shared how new technology (whether it’s computer animation or AI) can transform an industry.

This type of idea applies to marketing, as new technology ultimately helps marketers create memorable stories by enhancing, not replacing, creativity and innovation. Technology aside, Disney and Pixar continue to come together film after film to create characters and worlds that are as of-the-moment as they are timeless, allowing them to build lifelong affinity across their audiences—the dream come true for marketers.