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Maven of the Month: An Interview With Zach Zagar

This month’s featured Movable Mavens Community member is Zach Zagar, Byrider’s Sr. Marketing Communications and Public Relations Manager. In this quick Q&A, get to know Zach as he gives the inside scoop to his process as a marketer, including his partnership with Movable Ink.

Favorite project you’ve worked on recently?

We are in the midst of a full-court press for our franchisees to increase their use of our SMS capabilities, both in automated and ad-hoc campaigns. Movable Ink's mobile offering has enormous appeal, as our current tech stack doesn't allow for MMS attachments.

The ability to retarget recently viewed inventory or even provide a pathway to trackable phone call clicks within a text message is helpful in stretching our current tech stack, allowing us to truly deliver for our franchisees and customers. Everyone we’ve partnered with at Movable Ink as we’ve grown this channel has been responsive and knowledgeable.

What is your greatest marketing superpower?

Segmentation. I thrive when trying to find ways to segment audiences for personalized communication. I'm looking forward to Byrider's ongoing implementation of Segment to transform our segmentation practices: the level of enhancement will be similar to transitioning from 20th-century surgery tools to modern-day lasers.

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How do you get the most out of a partnership with a company like Movable Ink?

Within our limited email marketing use cases of selling and financing used cars in person—without an e-retail component or post-sale add-ons—we've found many out-of-the-box uses for Movable Ink code in our emails, and now SMS.

Communication with our Client Experience Managers (Marek, Sara, Blake, Missy, and Bea) has also helped us solve some hiccups that wouldn't seem like an obvious use case for Movable Ink. Some of these tips feel like the secret menu at a restaurant! That said, communication with your Client Experience Manager and anyone else at Movable Ink is the best way to get the most out of the platform and your campaigns.

Which brand’s marketing is inspiring you at the moment?

I'm a fan of Caribou Coffee at the moment and always. I truly hope that how I feel about their brand and product is how they intended it to be received. If you love good puns, fun promos—via app, email, and social—are romantic about wood cabins and that cool aqua blue-green from the 90s, this is your coffee spot. I base flight layovers on it.