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Branding Magic: The Evolution of Movable Ink

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As the business matures, the brand responds.

Branding is intentional differentiation. And in a sea of blue tech logos, Movable Ink not only leads the way in pioneering the future, our brand magenta has captivated the hearts and minds of our clients, partners, and fellow Inkers for over a decade.

Evolution is about bridging the gap between strategy and creativity. It aligns the brand with the business and marries the visual representation of the brand with the vision and mission of the organization.

Our evolved logo is inspired by the past, pays tribute to our origins of literal ‘movable ink’ with subtle CMYK references and marries these elements in the form of color bars to represent digital technology. 

It is no longer stuck in the past. It is looking to the future. It is dynamic and exudes a sense of excitement. Of motion. Of urgency. Of infinite possibilities.

Although the logo is merely the apex of the overall brand, it carries the weight of representing the business. It is of utmost importance that this mark is aligned with the business it represents. 

The Movable Ink brand is a promise. The promise to inspire creativity with every interaction, across every touchpoint.

Movable Ink is magic.

It is the combination of creativity, fun, and innovation. Our brand identity is the expression of magic. The magical force that pioneers the future.

Many people say, "Why evolve? Why fix something that is not broken?" It's not that it’s broken, it's that it needs to keep up. The graphic has a massive job, and it must keep up with the organization it represents because organizations aren’t stagnant. They grow and change constantly. 

A visual comparison between the newly evolved logo and previous logo:

It is important to note that a brand evolution is not a rebrand. An evolution retains all of the visually recognizable components and brand architecture from its previous version in order to retain brand recall, resonance, and value previously established.

A business isn’t born a brand. It becomes a brand by defining itself through a series of strategic brand workshops consisting of a combination of audits and research techniques, surveys, in-depth stakeholder interviews, and a range of aided and unaided brand awareness exercises.

Five years ago Movable Ink set out on this journey. Months and months of reviews, discoveries, testing and design cycles culminating in our newly evolved brand identity and logo.

Our new logo states: ‘We know who we are and where we’re going. We aren’t afraid to embrace the future.’

Evolution is not only a means to visually align the business with the brand; it is a statement of change. Of growth. It is sending up a flare and saying, "We are Movable Ink. We pioneer the future."

We are everywhere there are pixels in front of consumers' eyes. We are the Magic Behind Your Marketing.

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