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Automation Rolls the DICE in Your Favor: Scale Personalization Across Channels and Content

Virtually everyone in the martech industry—98%, to be exact—agree that personalization is how marketers can cut through the noise of countless brands and messaging. Take it from the 80% of customers who refuse to engage with brands that don't offer personalized experiences.

This being the case, it’s a concern that nearly two-thirds of marketers struggle with implementing personalization into their programs.

But marketers shouldn’t discard personalization tactics. All they need is a simple, scalable framework to operate from. That’s where DICE comes in, a structure for brands to build and execute customer-centric marketing plans with Data, Intelligence, Content, and Experience.


Data is the way to a customer’s heart. Instead of making inferences for what messaging will perform well, brands must serve up the content customers are asking for.

Marketers can revitalize their data strategies with zero-party data, the information that customers voluntarily give brands in exchange for more relevant communications.

Here, the NBA tops their emails with a module displaying the date of the next game, current team leaders, and last game’s stats. Customers are invited to customize their email, allowing the brand to use zero-party data to smartly retarget their next send.

Once brands collect the relevant data, they can move onto the next step: synchronizing data across all platforms, avoiding silos and building an accurate picture of each customer.


Most companies have mountains of data coming in every day, but they don’t have the tools to translate it into brand messaging. The dynamic duo that makes sense of data? Automation and AI.

Automation transforms the labor of manual coding and creation into quick set-it-and-forget-it campaigns, making personalization an efficient and sustainable option for every send.

AI powered personalization goes beyond reacting to customers' latest actions to anticipating what customers want before they even think to ask.

What does that mean for your brand? Instead of generating content governed by customers’ recent preferences, marketers are empowered to guide customers to new products, categories, and content they’ve never seen before—with the full confidence that it’ll hit the mark.

When marketers can optimize AI, customers don’t just become more loyal—they become the best versions of themselves. And when brands are nurturing customers, the benefits are sure to follow: even an average revenue lift of 25%.

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Customers don’t experience data, they experience content. This is truer than ever with customers’ demand for visuals on the rise; over 90% of customers prefer visual content to text-only posts, with videos gaining triple the engagement.

On its own, visual personalized content is beyond the bandwidth of most marketing teams. But with automation in the marketer’s toolbelt, they can unlock made-to-order content for every customer.

By pairing a universal template with data-driven content, Office Depot transforms their daily newsletter into a highly personalized message tailor-made to the customer. From customized offers to hand-picked product recommendations, each customer gets a sample of exactly what they want from the brand.


An omni-channel approach is critical to personalization prowess. Customers want every part of the marketing experience to be personalized, from content to device, making campaigns that can operate across channels crucial.

Sam’s Club doesn’t silo their highly personalized experience to email alone. Here, the brand translates their data-driven year-in-review campaign into a rich in-app notification, reaching customers at whatever touchpoint they prefer.


Personalization is the right fit for every brand—they just need the right tools to make it successful. Discover an in-depth look into personalization and the DICE framework in the webinar, Automation Rolls the DICE in Your Favor: Scale Personalization Across Channels and Content.