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A Word on Pride: What This Month Means for Movable Ink's Inklusive ERG

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Pride is commemorated throughout the month of June. From parades to solemn remembrances, people around the world are reminded to engage in conversation about diversity and inclusion. But Pride isn’t just a month, it’s a movement. 

At Movable Ink, the Inklusive ERG has the mission to inspire, inform, and engage individuals of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, ultimately advocating for the importance of diversity within the company at large. 

Inklusive carries this out by sharing resources, supporting organizations that drive the movement, engaging with local LGBTQ+ communities, and sharing their lived experiences. With over 150 members in the ERG, the group continually encourages and bolsters one another every single day of the year. 

When asked what Pride means to them and what they enjoy most about this time of year, members of Inklusive had much to share. From favorite traditions to key commemorations, each member has a unique way of ringing in Pride.

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