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A Look Back at Think Summit 2022

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The future of human-centric marketing has never looked brighter. Digital marketers from across the country gathered together to share personalization strategies, network with their peers, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Hudson River during Movable Ink’s Think Summit 2022. 

While two years of virtual (Re)Think conferences inspired brilliant speaker sessions and even a few magic tricks, there’s nothing better than meeting face-to-face. Movable Ink employees (Inkers), clients, and partners came together for two days of brand presentations, keynote speakers, and a look into the future of Movable Ink. 

Attendees had the opportunity to network, chat digital marketing strategies, and learn more from brands on the cutting edge of omni-channel personalization. TikTok influencer Rod Thill rocked the mic as Think Summit 2022’s MC, Chloe Fineman from Saturday Night Live chatted with Jake Nordwind about her creative process and comedy during changing times, and Mark Schulman reflected on the improvisational aspects of being a musician to better understand the ever-changing marketing industry. 

Check out a few more highlights from Think Summit 2022:

Being Back In Person

In-person conferences give marketers the chance to catch up with old friends and network with new ones in ways that are hard to simulate virtually. After more than two years of clicking from one virtual meeting to the next, it was refreshing to chat, snap pics, and talk strategy with digital marketers that build personalized omni-channel campaigns every day. 

Hearing from Movable Ink’s Amazing Clients

Movable Ink prides itself on having the best clients in the marketing game. The Think Summit crowd heard presentations from incredible brands such as Amazon, Uber, Synchrony, Frontier Airlines, Bungie, the NBA, and Walgreens. While conferences can be filled with fun, we’re all here to share notes, understand how brands create state-of-the-art, personalized campaigns, and build omni-channel messages that generate excitement. 

The full list of presentations from 2022 that you can view on demand throughout the year can be found here. Learn more about personalization, experimentation, and omni-channel campaigns from marketers at leading consumer brands. If you couldn’t join us in NYC, Think Summit will be coming to London this October. Learn more about Think Summit Europe and register your interest here.

Sharing What’s New at Movable Ink

Earlier this year, Movable Ink announced the acquisition of Coherent Path, an AI-powered content personalization engine. At Think Summit, CEO Vivek Sharma introduced Da Vinci by Movable Ink, an AI-powered marketing personalization engine that optimizes every interaction to increase revenue, loyalty, and lifetime value of each customer. Stay tuned for more information on Da Vinci by Movable Ink coming soon!

That’s not the only new capability introduced at Think Summit 2022. Movable Ink’s Carolyn Newmark, Group Product Manager, Channels, introduced Movable Ink’s SMS preview integration, which will allow brands to create compelling personalization to reach customers on the device they love. We’ll share more information about SMS at the end of July, so join the Movable Ink Newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Enjoying the Foods (and Drinks) of Our Labor

Conferences are often long and demanding days where everyone is juggling an immense amount of new information while keeping up with work emails, phone calls, and the occasional meeting snuck in between sessions. That’s why it was so important that Think Summit’s catering, relaxation/networking times, and cocktail parties were a chance to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. 

Every meal was prepared to ensure that our guests had the nutrition they needed to get through the day, no matter what dietary restrictions they may have. Attendees enjoyed breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks carefully crafted to both taste great and provide a boost of energy. 

The first day of Think Summit 2022 ended with a cocktail party, where guests enjoyed two outdoor bars overlooking the Hudson River as the sun set in the horizon.

After a safe and successful two days, we are already gearing up for 2023’s extravaganza. If you’re like us and can’t wait for this time next year, sign up today for early access to Think Summit 2023. If you have colleagues who may be interested, please extend an invitation to join us in London this October for Think Summit Europe.

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