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Movable Ink

Movable Ink Crosses $100 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

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On March 15, 2022, Movable Ink officially announced that we crossed $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR). It’s a milestone that speaks to the trusted relationships we have built with every single client along the way. Without the dedication and innovation of the now more than 500 worldwide Inkers, we couldn’t have built the revolutionary content personalization platform that scales and automates how brands present visual data to their customers. 

In 2010, Vivek Sharma and Michael Nutt recognized a gap in how brands connect to customers. Marketers were beginning to collect valuable data on the consumers that visited the brand’s website, joined a loyalty program, or bought a product or service. But that data existed in so many places that presenting it to the consumer in an effective, visual email strategy was a nearly insurmountable obstacle. Simply put, that data was living stagnant in siloed platforms.

Since then, Movable ink has built the software that unlocks that customer data and creates new ways to engage consumers. Of course, brands should never stay stagnant. That’s why Movable Ink has evolved into an omnichannel platform that powers email and mobile personalization for some of the most well-known Fortune 500 brands. 

Our client list has grown to include two of the world’s largest hotel chains, six of the biggest US retailers, two of the top three media companies, six of the largest US airlines, and five of the biggest US Consumer banks. 

What was once an idea formed between two friends in the New York Public Library has evolved into a global brand with services across North America, EMEA, and Australia. In that time, we have recruited some of the top minds in digital marketing, along the way being recognized by Built In NYC and Chicago and Inc. Magazine as one of the best places to work. 

The journey wasn’t without hardship, as the COVID-19 pandemic threw round after round of uncertainty at our staff and clients. The pre-pandemic definition of what it meant to work, shop, and market evaporated overnight. Movable Ink and our staff buckled down, quickly transitioning to a permanent remote company then riding the new wave of eCommerce and consumer spending that blossomed out of the worst of times. 

We succeeded during the pandemic because adaptability and perseverance are at the heart of the digital marketers and marketing leaders that we are happy to call clients. 

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Tomorrow Never Stops

Movable Ink continues to explore new ways for brands to build meaningful relationships with customers, having recently announced the acquisition of Coherent Path, the AI-powered content engine powering some of the world's leading consumer brands. This will give Movable Ink the power to automate and activate any and all data points to serve optimized, personalized content across a variety of customer touchpoints that increases lifetime customer value and strengthens the bond between brand and customer. 

There is still so much more to achieve, and everyone at Movable Ink is looking forward to our next chapter. This year, we will be returning to in-person events with our first live Think Summit since 2019. Expect even more exciting news for what the future holds for Movable Ink!

Movable Ink can’t achieve the next big milestone without people like you! If you’re ready to build the future of marketing technology and data personalization, visit our Careers page to view all the open roles we’re hiring for!

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