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How My Jewellery Uses Personalization in Email to Drive Conversion and Streamline Production

Since opening its first boutique in 2011, it has grown into one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands, while expanding its brick-and-mortar presence to over 26 locations.

My Jewellery is a Dutch jewelry, clothing, and accessories brand. Since opening its first boutique in 2011, it has grown into one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands, while expanding its brick-and-mortar presence to over 26 locations. Even after this considerable growth, My Jewellery’s devoted and driven team still strives to offer clientele a smooth shopping experience with a personal touch, so it’s of the utmost importance that campaigns are timely and unique to each customer.

The Challenge: Build Visually Personalized Content While Simplifying Production

My Jewellery’s marketing team always understood the importance of personalization, and had been fine-tuning their individualized customer experience for over three years before partnering with Movable Ink. Wanting to stay ahead of the curve, My Jewellery was interested in continually improving their personalization efforts to give its customers more dynamic visual experiences while optimizing the team’s time so they could focus on the more strategic and creative aspects of their role. Enter Movable Ink.

The Solution: Use 1:1 Personalization To Customize Images and Automate Production

Leveraging Movable Ink’s technology, My Jewellery began to leverage behavioral data without adding a heavy lift for marketers. In fact, working with one element of the team’s automation campaign, production time went down dramatically — by as much as 300%.

Because Movable Ink’s platform allows different campaigns and channels to pull images from the most relevant sources, My Jewellery’s customers now see content that reflects their personal preferences and shows them up-to-date product information. Instead of containing static images, emails are automatically populated with relevant images based on user data like geolocation, weather, and shopping behavior. With the power of 1:1 personalization, the company has seen striking increases in click-through-rate and conversion.

Curious how exactly they did it? Take a look at the use cases below to see how My Jewellery used Movable Ink to superpower their emails, creating a unique experience for each and every customer.

Abandon Cart

My Jewellery wanted to increase revenue within their regular communications. An abandon cart banner was a simple, natural way to build on existing campaigns.

Marrying behavioral data with site data, a simple, stylish banner or product image pulls product photos of items that customers left in their carts. What’s more, Movable Ink can also show the total number of items in their cart. And if a customer doesn’t have anything in there? Business logic ensures that the banner won’t display.


  • Click-through rate: 32% increase
  • Conversion rate: 56% increase

Weather Personalization

In order to show their clientele personally relevant products, My Jewellery wanted to tailor email hero images to match any given customer’s current location and local weather — a capability that’s especially useful for clothing brands.

Using targeting rules based on geolocation, Movable Ink’s technology automatically pulls images from four possible photo options so users see products that match their surroundings. Not only has this boosted revenue and engagement, but also seriously cut down on production time.


  • Click-through rate: 18% increase
  • Conversion rate: 71% increase
  • Production time: 300% decrease

Progressive Polling

More and more, brands will need to capture zero-party data to ensure they’re up-to-date with regulations and customer preferences alike. My Jewellery captured zero-party data directly from their customers by including Movable Ink’s Live Poll into their newsletter.

They were then able to leverage that data to re-target customers with highly personalized content, from color preferences to occasion-specific styles.


  • Click-through rate: 28% increase
  • Conversion rate: 255% increase


By reimagining their strategy and partnering with Movable Ink, My Jewellery has been able to deliver customers unique, 1:1 experiences that connect them more deeply with the brand. Meanwhile, a simplified production process frees up their marketing team to keep revolutionizing their campaigns.