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Top Trends From the Braze Global Customer Engagement Review

Braze Global CER Recap
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Customer engagement represents the thriving relationship between consumers and their favorite brands. As marketers, building into this relationship and solidifying customer retention through strategic messaging is always the first priority.

But as customers evolve, so do the best ways to engage them. The Braze 2024 Global Customer Engagement Review is the perfect resource to give marketers a leg up on achieving lasting loyalty, as it provides key statistics, trends, and tactics that reveal a bird’s eye view of what customers currently need and want. 

In the report, there are three stand-out trends that will deeply affect customer engagement in the upcoming year—here are the key takeaways to get you started.

Creativity and Strategy Work Better Together With AI

For 41% of marketers, a lack of technology in their workflow stymies their best creative ideas. That means far too much time and too many resources are focused on business-as-usual messaging, and getting campaigns out the door becomes an all-consuming task. To develop agility and create a beneficial culture of testing, experimentation, and creativity, brands need martech tools that work together like a well-oiled machine. 

While data-driven tools are a must-have, AI is a must-acquire if you haven’t done so already. When data insights and AI work together in tandem, teams can up their efficiency and preserve resources for valuable brainstorming and strategizing. Marketers’ most engaging campaigns are on the other side of the AI door. 

The Full Potential of Data Is More Promising Than Ever

While virtually every brand has plenty of data on hand, surprisingly few are activating that valuable information to its fullest potential. In fact, only 24% of brands are mapping customer behaviors and sentiments, and even fewer are applying consumer insights to their brand and product development. 

Marketers need to hone in on beating these statistics—their customer engagement depends on it. Otherwise, customers will be stuck in an endless loop of irrelevant messaging, until they leave that brand and never return. To build customer loyalty, marketers need to streamline their data solutions to act quickly and respond to customers with messaging that resonates with them. Delivering these timely, personalized experiences are the way to customers’ hearts, and activating data is the method to get there. 

Empower Your Data-Driven Tactics

Download the eBook for key strategies that maximize your data.

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Brands Must Rapidly Evolve With Cross-Channel Messaging

While cross-channel messaging is not a new concept to marketers, many brands have yet to implement a smooth journey between platforms for customers. Half of marketers either wrangle siloed solutions to generate multi-channel experiences or worse, depend on a single channel for all of their communications.

These challenges only speak to standing up multiple channels, and isn’t even scratching the surface when it comes to all of the possibilities these brands are missing: for example, offering a cohesive, personalized experience every time customers switch channels. 

The proof is in the numbers; customers make 6.5x more purchases when they experience a blend of in-product (such as mobile app messages) and out-of-product messaging (such as email or SMS). This means that scaling cross-channel messaging is a key priority for driving strong customer engagement. Marketers should look to strengthen their cross-channel presence in 2024, and be ready to explore newer, out-of-the-box marketing channels such as WhatsApp or WeChat. 

Get All of the Customer Engagement Trends

To delve further into the customer engagement landscape for 2024, download the Braze Global Customer Engagement Review. Not only will you get a deeper look at upcoming trends, you will discover key statistics covering customers’ current behaviors. For more customer engagement campaigns, tactics and inspiration, explore the related resources below.

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