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Think Summit 2022: Customer-Centric Strategies for a Mobile World

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It’s a mobile-first world, and your customers are living in it. Nearly a third of a consumer’s day is spent with eyes fixated on a mobile screen, and consumer behavior is changing faster than ever as a result. During this evolution, the demand for brands to diversify their channels grows. Whether it be SMS, push notifications, or in-app messaging, customers want content that moves with them throughout their busy days. 

At this year’s Think Summit, Movable Ink’s Shannon Cook (Director of New Channel Activation) shared powerful customer-centric strategies homing in on the importance of mobile marketing. By leveraging the features that succeed in established channels, brands can confidently build powerful, personalized marketing communications that customers want. 

Brands are at a fork in the road, and it’s time to choose the path of innovation. Mobile isn’t an extra, it’s an essential tenant in a strong omni-channel strategy. 

How can brands put best-in-class mobile messaging into practice with ease? Take a peek at what Shannon Cook had to say at Movable Ink’s 2022 Think Summit this past June.

Learning from the Tried and True

Customer-centric marketing comes down to messaging that treats the customer as a unique individual. In the digital space, that means consistent personalization is a must. One hard-won campaign isn’t enough; it’s essential that 1:1 marketing is at the heart of all brand communications, because its impact on customers is long-term. For 54% of customers, relevant experiences are what build trust with the brand and 72% will completely disengage from messaging that isn’t personalized.

Personalization drives revenue and builds loyalty, but it has to be experienced. The likelihood that customers will see and engage with brand messaging skyrockets with additional communication streams. With just one more channel, customers’ repeat purchases rises by 4.3x and their likelihood to buy increases by 2.8x. The power of in-app messaging is just as impressive, as a combination of in- and out-product messages impacts buying likelihood by 3.1x.

When creating a mobile marketing strategy, lean on what you’ve learned from established channels. You already know the power of personalization and how to expand channels once established; use those learnings as a springboard for innovation in new channel activation.

Innovating a Seamless Journey

Building an additional channel marketing channel is just the first step of the process. While a cross-channel methodology is a great start, there are still more ways to grow—in this case, towards an omni-channel strategy. Marketers have the opportunity to build a cohesive presence where all brand channels influence and support one another to move customers towards a unified strategic goal, creating a seamless journey no matter when, where, or how they want to engage with the brand. 

Take a look at the power of connection in this omni-channel customer journey below:

Mockup of what a brand communication looks like on a browser, email, push notification, and in-app message.

In this example, each communication acts as a smooth bridge into the next phase of the brand experience, all with the unified goal of influencing the next purchase; with more touchpoints, brands can maximize their conversion potential. In turn, marketers enhance the entire brand experience to delight customers and build long-term loyalty. For 78% of customers, cohesive storytelling is a must, as consistency is a key factor in their level of trust with the brand.

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The Power of Mobile Strategies

With the methodology of mobile messaging set in place, catch a glimpse of best-in-class campaigns in action and see their winning results.

Abandoned carts don’t mean that marketers have missed the boat. You can still capture missed revenue opportunities with engaging email banners and push notifications. Here, product web crop automation is used to showcase the customer’s most recent abandoned purchase across devices. By using rich media based on previous behaviors, push notifications in these recapturing campaigns generate an 11% CVOR lift. 

For customers that are already purchasing, drive home retention by showing them the benefits of being a loyalty member. For 59% of consumers, tailored messaging that specifically refers to their past interactions with the brand is a key factor in continuing their business. Here, a round-up of the loyalty member’s best hits are highlighted across email and mobile in-app messaging.

Using first-party data, the brand celebrates customer loyalty by showcasing how much the customer has saved during their tenure as a member. Customers also get to learn about themselves with a visual round-up of their spending patterns. The customer’s story continues on mobile with this in-app message that gives a breakdown of their monthly statement. These messages can lead to a 5x CTR lift, ensuring loyalty that lasts for the long haul.

With all of its clear benefits, why isn’t every brand building mobile strategies? It often comes down to bandwidth, with 53% of brands spending more than two weeks on a single campaign and 25% feeling they don’t have the resources for a personalized omni-channel messaging.

Make no mistake, first-rate mobile campaigns aren’t exclusive to brands with huge teams and countless resources on hand. The only tool brands need to put this into practice is automation. With automation, you can translate first-party data into visually engaging messages that kick-start engagement.

Here, social proofing data and web cropping automatically updates content in a weekly “Most Wanted” email. With one template, marketers can deploy infinite iterations of a campaign countless times. In this mobile example, Movable Ink leverages the brand’s deal API to automatically pull in the Deal of the Day series, resulting in a mobile campaign that can run continuously without any manual intervention.

Marketing in multiple channels isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a necessity for every brand. And with the right strategy and tools, brands can implement powerful messaging that garners better results than ever before. To learn about more customer-driven strategies that lead to incredible results, hear more from what experts had to say on the Think Summit stage.

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