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Movable Ink

The Marketer and the Machine: The Age of Autonomy

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Autonomous Marketing Is Here

For every evolution of the marketing landscape, Movable Ink has supported marketers’ best and brightest campaigns. In 2022, our content personalization powered 3.3 trillion content impressions, 2.9 billion click-throughs, and 3.26 billion direct conversions across email and mobile. From the very beginning, leading the charge in embracing cutting-edge technology has been the key to this success.

To remain competitive in the field, the next step to stay ahead of the curve lies in marketing autonomy. Marketers need tools that work with them, and they need to be powerful enough to translate the constant flows of customer data into relevant content. They need AI.

Movable Ink is right on the pulse of developing tech and is ready to support your brand’s journey to true marketing autonomy. That’s why we’re announcing Movable Ink AI — a technology that powers the most sophisticated and engaging campaigns in the market. 


Movable Ink's Four AI Models

Movable Ink's newest application Da Vinci aims to solve marketers’ most pressing challenges: increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV), simplifying workflows, and developing powerful creative strategies. To optimize effectiveness, Da Vinci is powered by Movable Ink's four AI models that all work together to deliver stellar results.

The Prediction Model

The Prediction Model ensures the right customer receives the right content at the right time. To put that into practice, the Prediction Model is an ensemble-based system that combines three diverse components:

  • Content Decisioning uses a process of data-driven insights and machine-learning algorithms to automatically select the combination of design, messaging, and layout within an email that’s predicted to resonate with that individual customer most.

  • Send Time Personalization deploys emails at the most effective time for each individual, increasing the likelihood of capturing customer attention and engaging effectively.

  • Frequency Management prevents email fatigue by regulating the number of emails sent to a customer, creating a personalized interval of messaging that maintains engagement.

The impact of the Predictions Model is unparalleled. With these features, marketers no longer need guesswork to decide what creatives to send—AI can now automatically predict what will resonate most with customers on an individual level. Hours meticulously spent testing various strategies can now be reclaimed with a data-driven, scalable approach to automated content distribution.

The Vision Model

The Vision Model leverages deep learning, an in-depth analysis that processes multiple layers of creative elements using two key components:

  • Image Classification uses Computer Vision to analyze and understand creative visual elements. Automatically, the function will understand which creatives are promotional and which are branded, all while ingesting each element’s metadata.

  • Language Classification uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read each image as text to discern meaning, context, and analyze every element within a creative. From there, the NLP will detect patterns within the generated text to optimize content accordingly.

Through the Vision Model, marketers can rely on the AI to gain a deep understanding of the metadata within content while using algorithms to determine which creative elements perform best for each person.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Da Vinci understands every single one of them to optimize campaign effectiveness. 

Curious what makes our AI different?

Click here to discover more about Movable Ink AI.

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The Generation Model

Movable Ink Da Vinci’s newest model type, the Generation Model, helps marketers grab customer attention before they even open the email itself.

Using GPT, the Generation Model creates and scales subject lines that align with brand guidelines and voice, existing content, and are crafted to personally appeal to every individual customer. 

This newest model delivers the trifecta marketers need for customers to open their branded email in the first place: AI powered personalization, on-brand content, and automation at scale.

The Insights Model

Every marketer is familiar with the idea of segmentation. At the same time, they also know the approach’s shortcomings: basic demographics, or even recent behaviors, are no longer enough to capture lasting customer attention.  

The Insights Model is more than an improved version of the personalization you’re familiar with; it takes tailored messaging to an entirely new level with its groundbreaking components:

  • Customer Facets builds unique customer profiles over time. Using a collection of existing characteristics—such as taste in products, offer affinity, loyalty, and recent engagements—the AI can develop a holistic view of the customer. The longer a customer engages, the more accuracy the profile will develop. Instead of placing customers into buckets or only responding to their latest interactions, Da Vinci builds a completely unique profile based on their traits.

  • Model Effectiveness Scoring is a unique metric that uses machine learning to predict the revenue potential of a single creative. The performance of a personalized creative is compared to an average version if both were sent to an entire customer base. With this method, all bias is removed, revealing a more accurate indication of the creative’s effectiveness. 

The Insights Model allows marketers to personalize to a new level, because no customer profile is the same. Rather than placing customers into segments—no matter how granular they might be—the AI takes customers’ aggregate traits into account to deliver messaging that is not only uniquely suited to them today, but adapts over time as customers inevitably evolve. This leads to highly effective content that contributes to increased CLTV.

Enter the Age of AI Powered Personalization

Movable Ink AI helps solve marketers' most pressing issues and sets them up for long-term, future success. Streamline your campaign workflows, skyrocket your effectiveness, and autonomously deliver AI powered personalization that engages customers and drives home your unique brand value in the marketplace.

Demystifying AI Powered Personalization

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