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Movable Ink Adds Emerging Categories and Media & Tech Expertise to Strategy Team

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The Strategy Team at Movable Ink continues to expand by bringing more digital marketing experts aboard to deliver best-in-class industry insights to our clients. The two newest members of the team share their backgrounds and perspectives on what’s important for marketers to keep in mind right now.

Meaghan Bilinski

Associate Director, Client Strategy - Emerging Categories

Meaghan has over a decade of experience leading digital marketing and communications strategies on a global scale. She joins Movable Ink from the client-side, where most recently she was the Digital Marketing and Automation Director at Movember, the world’s leading men’s health charity. At Movember, Meaghan led digital marketing and automation efforts across 20+ countries, focusing on paid social media, email, mobile, and app. She oversaw Movember’s award-winning digital transformation and used Movable Ink to drive substantial increases in efficiency, retention, and fundraising revenue. Movable Ink also enabled her team to personalize the supporter journey at scale. 

Coming from such a unique organization, she understands the nontraditional opportunities and challenges of new businesses and industry disruptors, requiring a blend of pragmatic and creative solutions to drive organizational goals. Meaghan leads Strategy for Emerging Categories and provides trends, landscape analysis, and strategic recommendations for industries such as nonprofits, Direct-to-Consumer, E-Learning, Digital Fitness, and many more.

Meaghan’s Emerging Category Insights

Organizations Want a True Partner

For industry disruptors or brands operating in a non-traditional industry, it's crucial to work with partners that get it. For these brands, it takes time to understand changing needs, their landscape, unique goals, and how partnerships can lead to innovative solutions. The marketing technology space can be confusing, so having a trusted partner that feels like an extension of your team is a step in the right direction. 

Efficiency is Key 

Up and coming companies that are helping forge or expand non-traditional verticals will likely have to rely on a fairly lean team to manage their digital experiences. Because of this, efficiency is one of the most important elements of your digital communications strategy. These brands need to look for clever ways to use automation to create scale and rely on reusable pieces of content, such as dynamic modules across channels, to ensure relevancy without a heavy lift. 


The Best Brands Know How to Blend Real World and Online Experiences  

It’s no secret – owning the customer relationship is crucial, which is why so many big brands are focusing on direct-to-consumer as part of their growth strategies (e.g., Nike, Under Armour, Coach). However, the post-pandemic world will require an even more nuanced understanding of how in-person and online experiences should blend together. 

New, blended marketing experiences can utilize online experiences to nurture consumers to purchase or encourage further engagement. At the same time, in-person shopping can enhance customer convenience by reducing barriers for some online browsers (think Peloton stores, Tonal x Nordstrom partnership, Casper standalone stores, and partner network). For emerging brands, understanding that your customers are real people looking to engage both in real life and online is key to creating that seamless overall brand experience.

Michael Le

Associate Director, Client Strategy - Tech & Media

Michael has over ten years of CRM experience and has predominantly worked on subscriptions. He joined Movable Ink from Amazon Music, where he led both acquisition and win-back strategies across Europe. 

Before Amazon Music, Michael spearheaded the CRM team at ESI Media, focusing on a 1:1 personalized experience in all automated lifecycle programs. Previously, he owned PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Store CRM communications at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (now Sony Entertainment Interactive) to drive retention, acquisition, and engagement. 

Michael was a former client of Movable Ink at Amazon Music and Sony Entertainment Interactive, and he now leads our Strategy for Media and Technology in EMEA.

Michael’s Media and Technology Insights

For Media and Entertainment industries, the global pandemic formed new habits, behaviors, and accelerated growth for numerous organizations. According to MIDiA Research, consumers spent an extra 12% on media consumption time. However, with out-of-home activities resuming, this captive audience won't last forever. Brands are now entering what is coined as "attention recession."

With this in mind, there is going to be a bigger emphasis on the omnichannel personalized experience. Consumers place a high value on taking their services wherever they go. As a result, some of the fastest annual increases in time spent on mobile devices. To put that into perspective, this year, 1/3 of all media time will be on mobile. In a recent study by Movable Ink, 37% of consumers found that brands were falling short on delivering the same experience across channels.

With seamless cross-channel experiences expected by consumers, this presents brands with a big opportunity to create personalized mobile marketing and meet users where they're increasingly spending their time. In addition, hyper-personalized and frictionless customer journeys will become even more critical to retention, aiding content discovery by delivering on the realization of value from services in a competitive landscape. 

Looking for more from Movable Ink’s Client Strategists? Get in touch with the team to learn more about your industry here

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