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Marketer-in-the-Loop: Maximizing Marketer and Machine’s Strengths

Title reading, Marketer-in-the-Loop: Maximizing Marketer and Machine's Strengths
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The marketing world evolves at lightning speed, and quickly adopting cutting-edge technology is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. Today, that means harnessing AI.

At Movable Ink, we have adopted the concept of “Marketer-in-the-Loop” to transform marketers’ day-to-day operations. This approach comes from the Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) model in traditional machine learning, where AI outputs are modified and adjusted based on human intervention. In fact, this approach requires a human to always be part of the testing and simulation to help influence the outcome.

Our concept of Marketer-in-the-Loop seamlessly blends the strengths of humans and machines to achieve impressive results that neither could accomplish alone. In this blog, we'll explore how this dynamic partnership works to benefit marketers in the age of AI powered personalization.

Why You Should Care About The Marketer-In-The-Loop Model

Imagine a scenario where marketers collaborate with AI to harmoniously balance their skills. When efficiency and data analysis are paramount, the machine steps in to crunch numbers and identify patterns at lightning speed. On the other hand, when it comes to areas requiring creativity, empathy, and a holistic understanding of the bigger picture, marketers take the reins. The result is a powerful partnership based on a continuous feedback loop that's exceptionally valuable for crafting creative strategies and taking action on deep customer insights.

How can we bring that scenario to life? Here are three ways to loop marketers with AI:


Creative content should always start with a human touch. Marketers plan and craft an array of creatives tailored to brand-specific style guides and business objectives. Once brands have enough content to create a library of assets, marketers can then turn to AI for analysis and decisioning. 

AI comes into play by analyzing customer data to determine which content is most suitable for each individual at a particular moment. The machine identifies patterns of resonance and preferences, deploying the most suitable content for each customer. At the same time, this deeper visibility into what customers want to see also influences what creative investments and content choices marketers make going forward.


AI-generated copy has vaulted into the mainstream with the rise of ChatGPT. And rightly so! AI can generate copy more efficiently than any human, while accurately predicting what will resonate with customers. Machine-generated copy that's relevant and personalized to customers can lay the foundation for compelling marketing messages.

But brands that rely too heavily on AI for marketing messaging will inevitably sound generic and lose the essence of their brand’s specific POV. Avoid this mistake by letting marketers step in to refine and adjust AI-generated content. Marketers can fill in the machine’s gaps by considering external factors, such as monitoring competitor activities or prioritizing promotions, and refine from there. The result is a collaboration that marries AI's data-driven language generation with human insights and context, crafting messages that truly drive engagement.

Marketer and Machine: Better Together

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Customer Profiles

The way that AI distributes messages releases brands from the confines of traditional segmentation. With each unique message, the machine adapts and learns from each customer’s response by asking key questions: “Did this customer engage?” or “What content within this message drove action?”

After analyzing all of these data points, the machine can construct completely unique profiles based on existing customer facets like preferences and transactional history, and a series of both creative signals—how much engagement each creative drove—and customer signals—how a customer responds, and to what extent.

It's important that marketers supervise this process, ensuring that the AI's profiling remains unbiased and devoid of inaccurate stereotypes. Marketers can strategize overarching campaigns based on these intricate customer patterns and adapt based on incoming data and insights. The flexibility of this approach allows marketers to stay one step ahead and pivot their strategies as needed, ensuring creatives align with evolving customer behaviors.

In today's fast-paced marketing environment, the Marketer-in-the-Loop model is the powerful strategy you need to leverage AI's capabilities effectively. 

However, to fully realize the potential of this approach, it's crucial to have an efficient martech ecosystem in place. Solutions like Movable Ink's Da Vinci provide the necessary support to seamlessly integrate AI into your marketing operations, enabling you to stay agile, data-driven, and ahead of the competition.

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