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Key Takeaways from Branch's Women in Martech Webinar

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, Branch, a Movable Ink partner for mobile growth and deep-linking, hosted a webinar that featured an inspiring female-led panel, all from various backgrounds of the martech space. The virtual event gave viewers the opportunity to tune into empowering stories of personal and professional development along with discussions centered around current industry trends.

Michelle Lerner, Branch’s Senior Director of Business Development and host of the webinar, asked the panelists to share words of wisdom on how to combat the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry. The theme among all of the panelists’ answers was that through curiosity, empathy, and grit, they became the most successful. 

Movable Ink’s Director of New Channel Activation, Shannon Cook, was asked what advice she would give her 20-year-old self if given the opportunity. 

“If I could talk to my 20-year-old self I would say your emotional intelligence, your relationship building, your thoroughness, your ability to stick up for yourself — these are not weaknesses; these are not red flags; these are strengths and showcase that 10 plus years from now, you are going to be a capable leader, so don’t close that off from people,” Shannon said.

Through curiosity and grit, Shannon challenged the status quo and built an esteemed career in martech. By raising her hand, asking questions, and sticking up for herself, she understood she could accomplish anything she put her mind to. Leaning on what makes you strong leads to success. 

There tends to be a cheerleader mentality when it comes to a woman’s success. Women want to see other women thrive; they root for each other. Shannon voiced this during the webinar.

“I love working with women in this industry because what I’ve found is that we lead with empathy. This panel is such a beautiful testament to it because we are here celebrating each other. We are recognizing that we’ve all come to this industry in many different ways, and we have this empathetic nature of wanting to see everyone succeed.”

The martech industry is ever-evolving. Here are a few quick tips shared in the Women in Martech webinar on how to stay ahead of the curve:

  1. Find a Mentor — Mentorship is crucial when it comes to professional growth. Mentors are trusted allies who offer words of encouragement, help set goals, and give constructive feedback. Learn from someone with valuable experience who can help you climb the ladder to success.

  2. Network — Creating a network is imperative in the martech space. Attend as many networking events as possible, and chat with people who are of all seniority levels. The act of meeting like-minded individuals allows for the exchange of ideas and is an avenue for newfound opportunities.

  3. Self-Educate — Keep up with daily news, acquisitions, and regulations that affect the martech landscape and your individual role. Career growth requires being proficient in many different skillsets. It’s important to stay sharp with what’s happening in the world.

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