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How Synchrony’s CareCredit Powers Leading Mobile Experiences

Blog title design reading: How Synchrony's CareCredit Powers Leading Mobile Experiences
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The Secret Behind CareCredit's Success

With 12.7 million open accounts and over 260 thousand enrolled locations, the medical patient financing provider CareCredit is an undeniable success with customers. It’s no surprise as the brand follows in the footsteps of its parent company Synchrony, a premier consumer financial services company that has delivered customized financing programs to over 70 million active customer accounts for nearly 90 years.

But how has the brand managed to capture such strong customer attention and loyalty? A key piece of that puzzle lies in their mobile marketing experiences. By powering relevant experiences that engage and educate customers at all times, CareCredit optimizes the healthcare experience with a personal touch. Discover how they built their best-of-the-best campaigns along with the amazing results they generated.

The Weekly Mobile App Campaign

The first campaign to unpack is the weekly mobile app campaign. With an aim to drive consistent app interaction and keep consumers engaged with the brand, CareCredit rebranded an existing video series and brought the experience to their mobile app. Every week, a new educational episode explaining different medical practices and procedures would launch and customers would be alerted via push notifications and in the message center. Not only does CareCredit put the customer first by educating with no strings attached, but they make the experience as accessible and convenient as possible via their mobile marketing. 

Weekly mobile app campaign from Synchrony promoting their latest podcast episode.

As you can see here, the rich push notification is displayed first, and customers who interact with the alert are immediately directed to the app with a quick summary on what they’ll learn in the quick podcast episode. This mobile strategy was a clear success, as the campaign saw over 275K downloads last year and charted spots for both Apple podcast and Spotify.

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The Yearly "Let's Get Digital" Sweepstakes

This next CareCredit campaign is a triumph of data collection and activation. As customers could enter the sweepstakes up to 70 times through different touchpoints, CareCredit had quite the task to deploy an engaging campaign across notifications, message centers, and in-app messages. But with the automated power of Movable Ink, CareCredit was able to go above and beyond with this mobile experience.

Mobile app campaign promotion Synchrony's sweepstakes.

On the left, customers could stay up to date on their chances with a real-time entry count. Paired with a clear call-to-action, this message center message made it as easy as possible for customers to continue entering and engaging.

In the middle, CareCredit added an automated in-app message with a countdown timer to drive urgency and quick action. To finish off this trifecta of mobile messaging, customers received a personalized checklist and sliding bar to show how many methods they have left for sweepstakes entries. Along with a summary showing their total entries to-date, customers had all the information they needed to play their best in the sweepstakes. This data-powered sweepstakes campaign was a big win for CareCredit, with a 960 BPS lift in click-to-open rates.

The Year-In-Review Mobile App Message

Everyone loves a good year-in-review, including CareCredit members. In one of their most recent campaigns, the brand gave customers a rundown on their best moments that year—with a little something extra.

While typical milestones such as transactions and dollars spent were included, CareCredit took their campaign a step further by including milestones specific to brand engagement activities customers completed on mobile.

Year in review campaign from Synchrony via mobile

As an added interaction-driver, each activity listed in the review was deep linked to other areas of the app where the customer could take further action, ultimately educating the customer further about everything CareCredit offers on the app. With a stellar 260% lift in click-to-open rates, this year-in-review is sure to become an annual tradition. 

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