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BIG Takeaways from the Braze Inspiration Guide

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Introducing BIG from Braze

Two years after its outstanding debut, the new Braze Inspiration Guide (BIG) is here for 2023! Spotlighting 50+ customer engagement campaigns, the guide takes inspiration from actual brand messages in the market today that are powered by Braze.

No matter your level of sophistication, this guide serves as a strategic roadmap to expanding and deepening your current marketing initiatives. Start today with this blog and discover our key takeaways from BIG.

Maximize Every Channel

Omni-channel and cross-channel marketing aren’t new buzzwords in the martech scene, but truly understanding all of the different ways to reach your customers is invaluable.


From dial-up internet to AI, email has truly stood the test of time as customers’ go-to and marketers’ most cost-efficient communication. While it may not be a shiny and new channel, marketers would be wise to continually innovate their email campaigns and make the most of this perennial channel.


Mobile is the channel everyone is talking about, but are you leveraging the plethora of sub-channels it offers? Within mobile, marketers have the opportunity to meet customers wherever they need, from SMS, rich-push, and in-app to WhatsApp and content cards. 


The web is often customers’ first stop when interacting with a brand, and marketers have the opportunity to enhance their online presence further via web push and in-browser messaging (IBM) to guide customers every step of the way.


Paid ads pay off, and they make up an essential part of marketers’ customer engagement tool kit. Finish off your digital strategy with stellar ads that constantly drive new business.

Discover How Data Drives Results

Read The Data-Driven Marketer for strategies that optimize your campaigns.

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Campaign Inspo for Every Marketer

Being present on every channel is how you catch customer attention, but providing relevant content is how you get them to stay. Take a quick peek at how Braze customers use their platform throughout the customer engagement journey.

Ready, Set, Activation

Activation messages are the only campaigns where 100% of your acquired customers receive them. As a result, it’s crucial to get them right. 

Activation messages include every deployment that occurs between sign-up and first action. In that time, you have the opportunity to set up customers for success. From initial onboarding to sparking interest for first and future purposes, these campaigns are key to setting the customer-brand relationship off on the right foot.

Activation message from Braze with stat

Some strategic examples of activation campaigns are account creation messages, free trial offers, download invitations, or welcome series campaigns. And that’s just the start—the BIG guide has over a dozen activation campaigns to explore, preparing you to create every activation message you could possibly need.

The North Star: Monetization

If your marketing messaging isn’t driving revenue, it’s time to park it and move on to something new. 

A good rule of thumb to increase monetization? The more engagement opportunities, the more chances to generate revenue. And when each message is targeted and personalized, marketers can lead customers to take high value actions that drive increased revenue.

The key to getting this strategy right is by ensuring each message still brings true value to the customer, otherwise you’re just inundating them with spam.

Monetization message from Braze with stat

Is there a current sitewide discount? Add product recommendations to guide customers’ browsing. Are you trying to drive app activity? Ensure that your email messages are deep linked for ease of use. Is there more than one way to pay available? Make sure customers are in the know. 

Don’t just message for the sake of messaging. Always add clear, actionable value, whether that’s with an abandoned cart or an upsell message based on previous purchasing activity.

Keep Them Coming, AKA Retention

Retention is the name of the game for marketers, especially in the current economic climate. Acquisitions are increasingly risky and expensive, while retention drives more revenue. 

But for customers to keep outputting action—purchases, interactions, and engagement—brands need to input valuable marketing messaging. It’s a perfect balance that marketers must strive for.

Retention message from Braze with stat

Great examples of messaging that drives retention are found in loyalty campaigns, brand education, community building, and winbacks. Additionally, don’t be afraid to continue adding retention campaigns to your arsenal as time goes on; the more use cases for every stage of the customer lifecycle, the better.

Win BIG for Customer Engagement

With dozens of specific, strategic customer engagement campaigns, BIG is an asset you can’t afford to miss. Get valuable inspo and take your campaigns to the next level by downloading the guide today.

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