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4 Ways Big Data Can be Used to Improve the Customer Experience

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In what ways can raw data contribute to improved customer engagement? The trick is figuring out how to get the most out of it. Merely having that invaluable information in-hand is not enough – now, what do you do with it?

The most successful B2C retailers are those who harness and utilize big data effectively, contributing towards an improved customer experience. This happens by getting to know them at a more personal level, so skimming transaction trends and funneling for the sake of sheer sales is just not going to cut it. With a data-driven approach to personalized email marketing, your company can start selling smarter. Let’s explore some ways to achieve optimal CX results.

Personalization, Not Guesswork

Whether you want to promote a new area of your product catalog, engage with compelling editorial content or otherwise, it’s imperative that your business has a firm grasp of email marketing – and not just the fundamentals. You also need to be well-versed in effective ways to custom-tailor it, therefore appealing to each subscriber. This is the hard part – what more should you do to personalize your email campaigns, especially when you need to remain focused on the relationship with customers over time?

A takeaway: One-size-fits-all catchy promotional messaging is not the cure to improving the customer experience. In fact, it can be utterly detrimental to CX, potentially causing customers to feel like “sheeple” rather than people, so try to limit its implementation. Determining what content each customer should receive and when they will find it most engaging sounds like a whole lot of witchcraft, but it’s actually quite simple to pull off via the integration of specialized personalization software. Content can quickly be updated, imagery and promotions can be mixed and matched with ease, and every subscriber can benefit from an email custom-tailored to their interests – all it takes is the right software to make greater use of the data currently available.

Deliver More Than “You Might Also Like…” with Predictive Analysis

The machine learning algorithms you utilize need to be capable of delivering more than basic personalized recommendations; they need to be optimized to effectively apply the wealth of customer behavioral data you already have. While suggesting similar content that a customer would enjoy is a nice way to cater to your audience, it’s hardly breaking new ground. As we say, marketing tools are only as intelligent as the models they use. Adjust your scope so your content is more than regurgitating “you might also like” recommendations that may not be engaging or relevant. With an optimized platform and predictive analysis, your data can be much more useful, especially when it comes to determining what might interest your customers today and tomorrow. Having tools that have the ability to understand where a customer is on their journey is key to building brand loyalty, which is why predictive analysis software like Coherent Path’s is such a future-facing investment. Enabling your campaign to constantly evolve with customers to continually appeal to their interests as they change can lead to higher subscriber retention – and more customers with higher lifetime value.

Deeper Connections

When a customer receives a custom-tailored email that has been optimized for the most appealing element inclusions possible such as compelling imagery, article links and thoughtfully written copy catered to their interests, their affinity for your company goes up. Everybody likes to feel valued, and the most significant value proposition of data-driven CX is a considerable boost to loyalty and retention. This is achieved through deeper connections between the brand image of your company, your products or other offerings, and the customers themselves. By switching to a more flexible, personalized means of data analysis, your company can remain relevant and dynamic while continually aligning with the interests of current subscribers.

Data Acquisition + Predictive Analysis = Potential

80 percent of customer data isn’t even properly utilized to make CX-associated improvements. Therefore, when it comes to engagement, you could only be achieving a fraction of what’s possible. The most successful marketing campaigns, including via email, are those that delve deeper into this available data and use it to compile more accurate predictions for what will interest customers tomorrow as opposed to last week. Pairing the right software with forward-thinking marketers can help you break new ground in terms of engagement; the ability to see what’s working in your campaigns, what’s not getting attention, and what trends you’re not targeting is essential to improving CX.

Data needs to be utilized to its maximum potential, personalized to align content to specific users’ interests and aid your business in planning ahead. Optimized, data-driven CX is critical to improving customer retention, engagement, and growth – that much we already know. What’s more difficult is determining how to make it happen. Arming your marketing team with flexibility, personalized content output, and the application of more available data can help you get there. By combining a personalized predictive analysis software solution with a future-facing mindset, the potential for growth is greater than ever.

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