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3 Wellness Campaigns to Drive Year-Round Motivation

Blog title reading: 3 Wellness Campaigns to Drive Year-Round Motivation
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New Year, New Wellness Era

The new year is here, and everyone’s determination is sky-high as they prepare to transform their morning routines and kick bad habits to the curb. With 95% of resolutions being fitness-related, this spirit of newfound motivation is a prime opportunity for marketers in the wellness and exercise space to engage their customers and solidify brand loyalty. 

But with only 10% of people keeping their resolutions past three months, retention proves to be an ongoing hurdle for marketers. To make the most of customers’ initial excitement and support them in keeping their resolutions, discover how these three wellness brands engage them all year round.

Spartan Race’s Data-Driven Racer Emails

If your customers have fitness-related resolutions, chances are that Spartan Race has a challenge for them. From ultra-marathons to obstacle courses, the brand offers a plethora of goals and contests for racers of all levels and focuses. 

Spartan Race keeps customers invested and working towards their goals by cheering them on through personalized emails. After every challenge completion, Spartan Race uses key data points—the person’s name, their race type and time to finish, and rank amongst other racers—to reward their recipients with a personalized message. For an added touch, each message is color-coded according to race type and gives recipients the option to share the results via social media.

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The Vitamin Shoppe’s Loyalty Messaging

The Vitamin Shoppe is laser-focused on encouraging long-lasting loyalty in their customers, helping them to prioritize their health and wellness every day of the year.

To do that, The Vitamin Shoppe sends customers a quarterly review of their status in the brand’s loyalty program, Healthy Rewards. The email highlights customers’ current loyalty tier and their year-to-date spend to remind them of the value they’ve already gained from the brand. To encourage further engagement, customers are shown how much spend is required to reach a higher loyalty status and how many points are needed before they get their next reward and level-based “earning power.” Including this personalized module drove undeniable results. The Vitamin Shoppe saw an impressive 14.89% increase in click-through-rates for emails that included the personalized module versus those who received the collapsed version.

The Vitamin Shoppe YIR Campaign

Discover the behind-the-scenes of this email from The Vitamin Shoppe's Loyalty Manager, Brett Herskowitz, who reveals the brand's secrets to revamping their loyalty program:


New York Road Runners’ Year-in-Review

If you don’t get a year-in-review, did it really happen? There’s no  brand communication that customers love more than a year-in-review that showcases their accomplishments to the world, and New York Road Runners smartly uses this tactic to up momentum for the rest of the year.

Year in review message from New York Road Runners

Using a CSV data source containing racer data, New York Road Runners highlighted key stats such as total miles run that year, the number of races and varying distances completed, as well as race locations displayed on a map graphic. 

Not only does New York Road Runners succeed in celebrating their racers, they leverage their year-end messaging to inspire brand advocates to spread the word by sharing their stats on social feeds or stories.

Be Customers' Everyday Brand

Show customers you are there to help them achieve their goals. The first quarter is a crucial time to encourage customers to stick around for the long haul, so take notes from these three brands to incorporate true innovation into this year’s campaigns.

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