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On June 12th & 13th, the premier digital marketing conference for emerging technology and AI will return to New York City for its seventh year! This two-day event will feature energizing keynotes, inspiring brand presentations, industry-specific strategy sessions, networking opportunities, and more.

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Client Testimonial

A Lesson in Loyalty from The Vitamin Shoppe

With Brett Herskowitz, Loyalty Manager at The Vitamin Shoppe

Robust loyalty personalization is just what the doctor ordered!

The Vitamin Shoppe's Loyalty Manager, Brett Herskowitz, reveals his secrets behind revamping the brand's loyalty program and new ways to reward customers beyond transactions.

With data at the forefront of The Vitamin Shoppe's email marketing strategy, see how Brett's team transforms every message into a loyalty opportunity, enhances monthly snapshots and year-in-reviews, and finds new ways to collect zero-party data.

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First-Year Success Lookbook

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In the Name of Retention

In today’s world, brand trust matters. How is this trust created? Through a personalized strategy that puts them at the forefront of your brand’s marketing communications. Once you have them hooked, lifetime loyalty is bound to skyrocket....

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