Automation Rolls the DICE in Your Favor: Scale Personalization Across Channels and Content

Marketing personalization has come a long way from “Hello, {{lead.tokens}}.”

Brands around the globe can now leverage data and behavioral signals to power personalization effectively. Yet, there are still endless challenges with getting tailored, 1:1 personalization right. And while marketers may have the resources they need, there’s still a disconnect understanding data and customer needs in relation to the entire customer journey.

Movable Ink’s executive leaders, Lalit Chopra (SVP of Industry Relations) and Anjali Yakkundi (VP of Product Marketing) are here to make sense of it all. In this webinar, discover how to automate personalization at scale using the DICE framework, a mental and organizational tool that helps marketers reach true customer-centricity.

DICE is composed of the following elements:

  • Data: access and use zero-, first-, and third-party customer data
  • Intelligent: take data and add logic on top
  • Content: bring personalization to life with engaging creative assets
  • Experience: execute a personalized customer journey across channels