Personalisation Isn’t a Buzzword, It’s a Necessity (Europe)

It's easy to place 'personalisation' in the buzzword category - but is your brand recognising the actual value of it?

A strong personalisation strategy powers an organisation's culture, mindset, and holistic customer-first approach. Yet, many marketers interpret it as a remedy for short-term goals like hitting a KPI or target. Being trapped in a continuous cycle of quick wins is where marketing can stagnate.

In this webinar, Movable Ink and The Lumery will share how every brand can - and should - adopt a personalisation mindset. Discover how to deliver marketing experiences that make consumers feel seen, heard, and unique, all while delivering more value to the business.


  • Meaghan Bilinski, Associate Director of Strategy - High Growth - Movable Ink
  • Darshana Patel, Customer Strategy Lead - The Lumery
  • Kate Cook, Analytics Lead - The Lumery