Peak Season Playbook: Retail Strategies for Year-End Success

When you’re a marketer, it’s never too early to plan for the peak season. Prepare to boost engagement, revenue, and loyalty during the busiest shopping period by analyzing previous holiday results and understanding the trends of 2024 that will influence end-of-year sales.

But not to worry, you won’t have to crunch the numbers and strategize on your own. Movable Ink’s retail strategists are here to help you analyze the marketing landscape and unearth actionable tactics to drive undeniable peak season results. Together, we'll review past holiday performance and decode the 2024 trends that will shape your end-of-year sales strategies.

What you can expect from the session:

  • How to cater to cost-conscious consumers by prioritizing value messaging
  • Tactics for planning an early start while supporting last-minute shoppers
  • Tips for highlighting channel shifts and prioritizing a comprehensive mobile strategy