Clarins: Blending Physical and Digital Commerce for the Post-Pandemic Holiday Season

Luxury beauty brands were hit hard during the pandemic. As in-store foot traffic halted, many marketers were left searching for new ways to create the exclusive experiences and treatment their customers expected. Clarins, a global luxury beauty leader, was one of the first to innovate their digital marketing strategy, executing new techniques that allowed them to blend physical and digital commerce as they plan for the post-pandemic holiday season.

Join Wunderkind and Movable Ink for a virtual fireside chat with Emilie Maunoury, Digital, Ecommerce and CRM Director at Clarins where we discuss:

  • The evolution of the Clarins brand
  • How they innovated their digital marketing experiences despite the pandemic and 3rd party data restrictions
  • How to bridge the gap between online and offline experiences as in-person shopping opens back up