Audience of One: The Marketer and the Machine

Achieve marketing greatness in 2024! Discover key AI-powered marketing trends in our newest Audience of One report. We surveyed hundreds of B2C marketers in the US and UK to give you valuable insights on how to boost customer engagement and drive your brand to new heights in the new year.

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Movable Ink

Under Armour Lifted Engagement by 80% Using Personalized Visual Experiences with Movable Ink and Merkle


Under Armour needed to serve their loyal customers with best-in-class experiences at every marketing touchpoint. With the help of Movable Ink and Merkle, they transformed their campaigns with a customer-first strategy including personalized product recommendations, a new process that streamlined production by 75%, and the ability to use their website as a data source.

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  • 80%lift in CTR in their Black Friday campaign
  • 132%lift in CTOR for their product recommendations campaign
  • 75%increase in production efficiencies

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