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The Ultimate Loyalty Personalization Playbook

As loyal consumers become more difficult to retain, personalizing brand experiences at every turn can drive successful results.

In this playbook, learn the facts behind meeting new consumer needs and why your brand must incorporate tailored loyalty communications across campaigns.

  • 91%of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide personalized recommendations.
  • 5-8xHigher ROI for brands that leverage data-driven personalization for their campaign spend.
  • 130%Increase in app retention when campaigns pair push notifications with a second channel

Loyalty programs were made to keep your best customers happy. But the old ways of traditional points and balance won’t cut it. Consumers have sky-high expectations from their favorite brands and anticipate a high-quality experience at every digital turn.

The Ultimate Loyalty Personalization Playbook reveals how brands can ignite their data, content, and teams to create compelling omni-channel loyalty touchpoints that elevate the customer journey and overall lifetime value.

Get The Ultimate Loyalty Personalization Playbook to understand how to utilize an omni-channel strategy to build a devoted customer base.

Significant takeaways from the playbook include:

  • The current state of today’s consumer loyalty programs.
  • Where marketing teams can invest time and resources to strengthen loyalty initiatives.
  • How to implement quick wins across loyalty campaigns that drive revenue and consumer value.

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Loyalty programs are one of the most effective ways to collect zero-party data. Why? Because customers want to be rewarded for sharing their data and loyalty programs provide a clear value exchange.
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Head of Product at Oracle CrowdTwist

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