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Achieve marketing greatness in 2024! Discover key AI-powered marketing trends in our newest Audience of One report. We surveyed hundreds of B2C marketers in the US and UK to give you valuable insights on how to boost customer engagement and drive your brand to new heights in the new year.

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The State of Retail 2021

While most retailers would prefer to forget 2020–one of the worst years in modern shopping history–there are lessons the industry can and should learn from a year marred by store closures, layoffs, and bankruptcies. Retail stores quickly made the most of a down year, transitioning overnight to the new digital economy and finding ways to improve the customer experience. Those actions are now key to driving success in 2021.

Movable Ink’s The State of Retail 2021 takes a look at how 2020 affected the entire industry and examines new, forward-thinking trends in eCommerce and the digital consumer journey. Retailers have an uphill battle to make up for a difficult year, but many spent last year recalibrating the way they market to consumers and create customer experiences. We take a look at their efforts to discover more about how agile retail brands will remain successful as the economy begins to open back up.

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  • Transforming the customer experience
  • Adapting to eCommerce trends even after the pandemic
  • Marketing to customers through sophisticated, personalized email and mobile campaigns.

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