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Movable Ink

The Magic Behind JetBlue's Marketing

Up, Up, and Away! JetBlue Soars to New Heights with Omni-Channel Personalization

If there’s one thing about influential marketing, it’s that it presents itself wherever and whenever customers engage, no matter the device. 

Since 2000, JetBlue has set its sights on giving customers the most reliable and convenient traveling experiences possible. The airline reinforces this commitment through an omni-channel marketing strategy that prioritizes personalization. 

Not only does JetBlue create email experiences that prove the impact tailored communications can have on customers, but the airline has recently become an industry innovator in the mobile marketing space.

JetBlue implements omni-channel marketing to skyrocket its loyalty presence and provide the most real-time pricing, keeping all flows of communication cohesive and simple for customers to absorb. Showcasing the most important information to the customer when and where they need it ultimately results in a stronger customer-brand relationship.

The Movable Ink and JetBlue partnership was born in 2015, and since then the airline’s marketing program has soared to new heights. This case study will pinpoint JetBlue’s communication tactics and how their marketing team formed a winning strategy across the most prominent digital touchpoints.

Stay in the Know: Web Cropping for Relevance

JetBlue personalized their Fall Merch Sale email to display two separate price points dynamic to each customer based on origin airport, destination airport, and travel date. 

The first price point reflected real-time pricing for a one-way fare, and the second displayed bundled pricing for flights and hotels. This gives the customer the most relevant information right at their fingertips, while saving the marketer time as the campaign pulls prices directly from JetBlue’s website.

As part of the same campaign, a push notification was sent to consumers to alert with intention. This type of communication captured the customer’s attention quickly, resulting in an 11% increase in direct opens to the JetBlue app.


  • 11% lift in direct opens

Building Loyalists: Visualizing Data to Spark Attention

JetBlue powers five different email variations to encourage their customers to upgrade to the JetBlue Plus Card based on their current membership status. The campaign displays the recipient’s first name and highlights specific perks that would be most appealing to the individual customer based on the first-party data captured, such as a free checked bag or 50% off in-flight purchases. To entice their audience even more, JetBlue displays upcoming trips and the limited time offer of earning 80,000 bonus points. All data included in this email was completely automated using a CSV data source.

JetBlue’s marketers took the campaign a step further and created a matching in-app message so customers were in the know while using their mobile device. 

And as a finishing touch, the points were animated in both versions of the campaign to create the most eye-catching experience.


Movable Ink’s collaboration with JetBlue is a testament to the power of truly dynamic email marketing experiences. 

With a shared passion for innovation and customer-centricity, Movable Ink is proud to be a part of JetBlue’s marketing story, and is eager to see how their team continues to fly high and reach new horizons.

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