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The Value of Customer Centricity During Economic Downturn

Making your customers feel certain about your brand during times of unpredictability.

It’s now more important than ever to prioritize personalized messaging that keeps consumers loyal and engaged throughout the customer journey. 

  • 85%of customers are willing to stick with a brand during times of difficulty if they have a history of transparency.
  • 66%expect brands to understand their needs.
  • 68%of customers are more likely to be loyal and continue to purchase products if the brand builds a personal relationship with them.

It’s no secret that economic times are tough right now, and marketers are faced with the difficult job of keeping consumers captivated despite shifting spending behaviors, supply chain uncertainty, and reduced budgets.

Personalization remains at the heart of combating these challenges and finding success.

Download The Value of Customer Centricity During Economic Downturn eBook to discover customer-centric tactics brands can use to keep lifetime loyalty and engagement high.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how to adapt to customer needs through pricing and inventory transparency
  • Discover how automation is necessary for results-driven marketing campaigns
  • Learn how to use your data in a way that grabs attention and boosts lifetime loyalty
  • Uncover ways A/B testing helps gain deeper insights on customer preferences

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