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How The Brandsdal Group Boosted Agility and Scaled Dynamic Personalisation

The Brandsdal Groups' mission is to deliver the best online beauty experiences to loyal shoppers across Europe. The beauty brand is composed of, Norway's leading online retailer of beauty products and sister company Cocopanda, servicing Europe in eight different countries to offer beloved cosmetic, skin, and hair products to customers.

At the heart of Brandsdal's European expansion is a small, tight-knit marketing team, committed to innovation and personalization. This mindset has allowed the team to create highly sophisticated campaigns and cater the email experience to every individual customer across multiple segments, at scale. Now, with the help of Movable Ink, Brandsdal's marketing team can streamline its strategy across brands, automate personalization, and build measurable value.
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  • 7.5xROI on the contractual value over 5 months
  • 320%Increase in Revenue Using Movable Ink

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