Think Summit 2024

On June 12th & 13th, the premier digital marketing conference for emerging technology and AI will return to New York City for its seventh year! This two-day event will feature energizing keynotes, inspiring brand presentations, industry-specific strategy sessions, networking opportunities, and more.

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Movable Ink

Big Wins for Small Marketing Teams

As consumer expectations grow increasingly sophisticated, marketing automation empowers brands of every size to produce unique, scalable personalization in every channel.

Discover how the right martech stack powers complex omni-channel campaigns without additional revenue or people power.

  • 83%of customers are eager to share zero-party for a more personalized brand experience.
  • 9xincrease in open rates for personalized push notifications based on consumer behaviors.
  • 59%of consumers say that email influences their purchasing decisions.

Dynamic personalization increases customer engagement and drives marketing ROI. Then why are so many commercial-sized brands operating under the false assumption that unique campaigns are only possible for upper echelon brands?

You don’t need the budget or the headcount of a Fortune 500 to create eye-catching email and mobile campaigns that drive customer loyalty and revenue – what you need is the right martech stack.

Download the Big Wins for Small Marketing Teams eBook to discover the surprising simplicity of creating complex omni-channel personalization to delight your customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the omni-channel landscape and how to unify your brand voice in every channel.
  • Discover how to create, implement, and improve personalization campaigns for anyone from beginners to experts.
  • Capitalize on existing campaigns to generate evergreen content that stays relevant.
  • Learn how to differentiate personalization tactics to maximize customer engagement in every channel

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