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Betfair Australia Wins Big with Movable Ink and 1:1 Email Personalisation

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  • 50%Average monthly reduction in manual build times by using Movable Ink

Betfair Australia has always had one mission: to build a creative way for consumers to bet on sports and deliver the best odds possible. To do so, the organisation takes an innovative approach to traditional sportsbook betting. Similar to the stock market, its dynamic betting exchange encourages consumers to bet on the odds or outcomes of events across sports, entertainment, and politics. With the most up-to-date information available at consumers’ fingertips, players are empowered to set their own odds, bet against peers on any side of the wager, and get paid out quickly.

Behind the brand’s success is a marketing team that’s built an email strategy just as innovative as its betting service. With more competitors entering the online sports betting market, the brand needed a winning differentiation strategy its marketing team knew they could bet on. 

The team understood Betfair’s consumers were most receptive when addressed personally according to their favourite events, sports, team matches, and unique betting experiences. So the marketing team swiftly turned to their email program to create meaningful, tailored content to score big with its audience.

Betfair Australia took over a country of betting fans with a marketing strategy that matched the thrill and excitement of the brand’s gambling platform. With the help of Movable Ink, the team now combines automation tactics with an innovative mindset that creates stand-out experiences consumers can’t wait to receive.

An Agile Marketing Team Bets Big on Personalisation

Behind the scenes of Betfair Australia is a nimble marketing team that prioritised a simple workflow to cut down on production time. The marketing team turned to automation as an easy way to ramp up dynamic email personalisation and streamline content creation for recurring campaigns with evergreen content.

The team first tapped into its existing zero- and first-party data sources to build reusable content blocks that offer consumers hyper-personalised, relevant messaging. In partnership with Movable Ink, the team ensures that each email automatically generates 1:1 content specific to each consumer’s recent experiences and overall relationship with the brand. Advanced data personalisation is now the key to driving email performance and creating meaningful connections with consumers through uniquely inventive use cases. 

Automating Relevant Updates for Consumer Insights and Analysis 

For consumers new to online betting, having a clear understanding of what’s going on in Betfair Australia’s marketplace is essential for crafting intelligent betting strategies. The challenge was finding a way to streamline all the information available on its website across the brand’s email campaigns without manually updating content blocks.

The team decided to create reusable content blocks that displayed helpful insights and findings in any email campaign. The marketing team now utilises a CSV data source to pull in the most relevant, up-to-date articles, customer tips, and learning resources. 

Given that the content block is automated, the information updates in tandem with the brand’s website. Now email recipients always have relevant content while marketers save valuable time. 

An API Integration That Promotes Next Best Actions 

Horse racing is one of the most popular categories on Betfair Australia’s exchange, so the marketing team needed to find an engaging way to keep upcoming races on consumers’ radar without emailing stale scheduling information.

And just like that, the team was off to the races, creating a new way to show their audiences the upcoming horse race schedule. The header of the email campaign grabs customer attention by displaying each individual’s name seamlessly in the brand’s font while urging them to receive tips from the brand’s expert punters.

Towards the bottom of the email, an evergreen content block showcases upcoming races on the exchange. By utilising an API data source, the “Next Racing on the Exchange” content block populates with race line-ups, horses’ names, betting odds, total amounts matched, and a call-to-action for consumers to quickly join in on the wager. The API integration serves up valuable betting information, which gives customers peace of mind knowing they’ve made an informed betting decision.

Celebrating Loyal Consumers with Weekly Stats 

Consumers get instant gratification when seeing their data, behaviour, and success displayed in compelling ways. But showcasing each customer’s unique data points was notoriously tricky for the marketing team, and required extensive campaign builds with a lengthy manual process.

As a workaround, Betfair Australia found new ways to connect their existing data sources to campaign modules for an entirely personalised, 1:1 email based on each customer’s account data. With the help of Movable Ink, the brand built an AFL review campaign showing customised results, implementing zero and first-party data. Unique to each recipient, the email campaign brings an exciting, gamified feel to the inbox by pulling in hyper-personalised stats.

The team also uses sophisticated personalisation in the “Field Stats” section. The content block highlights “Most Popular Game,” “Biggest Upset,” “Highest Traded Price on Top Possession Getter,” “Most Popular Player Disposal Market,” and “Highest Priced Winning Same Game Multi.” With the hyper-personalizing AFL campaign, consumers were able to see their unique behaviour laid out in a fun, exciting way that encouraged further engagement in the future.

Betfair Australia’s marketing team isn’t afraid to gamble on a good idea. By bringing dynamic personalisation to the forefront, the brand’s personalised email campaigns put its consumers at the center of the conversation, to create meaningful experiences that forge strong, loyal relationships. Betfair Australia bets on a strategy that prioritises consumer value and delivers best-in-class experiences that emphasise automation, creativity, and data.

We can’t wait to see how the team wins next. The odds are in their favour!

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