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Movable Ink

The Magic Behind Asda's Marketing

Fill Your Trolley with Customer Loyalty: How Asda’s Rewards Program Fosters Devoted Shoppers

In 2022, Asda, one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains, launched its omni-channel loyalty program, Asda Rewards. With a "pounds not points" mentality, the program enables Asda customers to build a Cashpot during their usual grocery shop. Customers can then spend their cash on their next shop, or save it up and watch their Cashpot grow. 

Asda teamed up with Movable Ink to create personalized and data-driven campaigns that would drive engagement, awareness, and leave customers eager for  more savings. Their innovative approach to using data to personalize their loyalty program earned them a finalist spot at the International Loyalty Awards for the Best Use of Customer Analytics/Data.

This case study reveals the loyalty campaigns that drove successful results and fostered a devoted customer base for Asda.

Aisles of Achievements: Year-in-Review

Asda's focus on delivering customer value led them to create a meticulously crafted year-in-review email. With Movable Ink as their right hand, they built an entirely bespoke campaign designed to underscore the value that each customer derived from participation in the Asda Rewards program throughout 2022. 

In a climate where customer loyalty is fragile, this campaign was an excellent opportunity to remind customers of the savings, rewards, and perks of being a regular Asda shopper.

By combining various data points from multiple sources, and layering targeting rules to only display the most compelling statistics to each customer, Movable Ink helped Asda craft an individualized story for each customer. The campaign included key numbers such as how many Cashpot vouchers they received, Star Products they purchased, missions they completed, and much more.


  • 36% lift in open rate

  • 43% lift in click-through rate

Trolley of Triumphs: Milestone Missions

Asda launched a weekly omni-channel rewards campaign that served as a recipe for success. With the help of Movable Ink, Asda included a progress bar within the email to inform shoppers of the outstanding spend and remaining time required to complete a Milestone Mission before it expired.

Additionally, product modules populated personalized recommendations based on customers' historical transactions and mission popularity. 

For those customers with little-to-no data available, Asda incorporated social proofing, showcasing trending missions and most popular products to create a compelling experience for all customers.


  • 18.2% lift in CTR

Fueling Mobile Engagement: App-etizing Rewards

To pair with the previous email and to increase visibility across channels, Asda sent rich push notifications to their shoppers regarding their Milestone Mission. This made them aware of their current loyalty status and the amount of money that could be added to their Cashpot before the mission ended.

Not only did this create a sense of accomplishment for shoppers, but it motivated them to take immediate action and maximize their rewards.


Through their partnership with Movable Ink, Asda enhanced their rewards program through tailored and visually enticing campaigns that created a best-in-class model of omni-channel personalization.

Asda’s commitment to the customer experience radiates through the loyalty strategy featured in this case study, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next!

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