Create Personalized Email and Mobile Content to Boost Customer Engagement: Rewards Programs, Inventory, Reviews, Newsletters & More

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Adobe ESPs + Movable Ink Studio

Automate personalization by transforming data into unique images in real-time.

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One Send, Infinite Creative

Movable Ink Studio adds real-time personalization to any Adobe Campaign, Adobe Journey Optimizer or Adobe Marketo Engage send, at the moment of engagement. Studio dynamically adapts creative based on live consumer and business data, boosting engagement instantly.

Data-Activated Creative

Combine data from Adobe and other third-party sources to automatically generate unique, personalized creative for every customer. Effortlessly turn this data into eye-catching visuals without any complex coding required.

Reduce Technical Effort

Create personalized content easily—no tech team or software updates necessary. With Movable Ink Studio, you can tweak email and mobile messages in real time, even after they've gone live. There's no need to halt your campaign or delve into coding.

Adobe Campaign + Movable Ink Da Vinci

Curate content for every customer

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Batch to the Future

Take Adobe Campaign batch sends to the next level with Da Vinci. Trained on Adobe data, Da Vinci selects the most relevant content for each customer, while also optimizing subject lines, frequency and more.

Always Testing, Always Earning

Da Vinci doesn’t just select the best content. It continuously learns and improves over time to maximize performance. The result? Lift in clicks, conversion, and revenue every single time.

Modern Marketing Processes

Movable Ink Da Vinci automates otherwise manual campaign processes like content selection, template creation, and calendar management. The marketer is firmly in control, able to set guardrails.

Adobe Real-Time CDP + Movable Ink Studio

Incorporate behavioral events from Adobe Real-Time CDP in Movable Ink Studio personalization.

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Target Smarter, Not Harder

Tap into the power of Adobe Real-Time CDP behavioral data via Movable Ink Studio’s Customer Data API and use any customer event to define targeting logic within Movable Ink Studio.

Expand 1:1 Email Personalization

Incorporate behavioral data from Adobe Real-Time CDP when generating real-time creative in Movable Ink Studio for email or mobile.

Access Data Sans IT

Automatically map and transform each Adobe datapoint to the correct field in Movable Ink -  there’s no need to modify your data setup / schema.

Adobe Target + Movable Ink Studio

Use Adobe Target recommendations in Movable Ink Studio generated content.

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From Data to Dynamic Content

Add additional layers of personalization to Adobe Target recommendations by infusing real-time data (i.e., pricing, inventory data) from other sources and contextual insights (i.e., weather, location) via Movable Ink Studio.

Target With Better Content

Bring Adobe Target recommendations into Movable Ink Studio to use for dynamic email and mobile personalization.

Custom-Made Content, in Real-Time

Ensure all email and mobile personalization reflects only the most up-to-date details by pulling in Adobe Target recommendations and generating creative in Movable Ink Studio.

Adobe Commerce + Movable Ink Studio

Drive urgency with real-time product information

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Forever Fresh, Always Accurate

Automatically access and activate Adobe Commerce product data- ensuring creative always has the most up-to-date pricing, inventory, and more.

Glow Up Your Personalization Data Strategy

Easily integrate and combine Adobe Commerce data with other data elements (from any source), within a single email or mobile personalization block.

Propel Customers Into Action

Entice customers to complete purchases and act on time-sensitive offers by highlighting price drops and live inventory in Studio-generated content.