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The Magic Behind TurboTax's Marketing

Death and Taxes are Certain, Engagement is Not: How TurboTax Delivers Personalization to Enhance the Tax Filing Experience

Tax season can be frustrating, leaving many individuals overwhelmed or tempted to procrastinate. And when customers face various life events like moving, getting married, starting new jobs, or juggling side gigs, these efforts can be especially taxing. Many lack the confidence to don the financial cape themselves, and need a helping hand.

TurboTax, the financial superhero of tax preparation, understands how to help their customers tackle these challenges. Their mission is to make the process as smooth as possible, ensuring customers feel financially empowered while maximizing their refunds.

To accomplish this feat, TurboTax teamed up with Movable Ink to build tailored marketing experiences unique to each customer’s tax journey.

From Diddly to Dollars: Fuel Engagement with Dynamic Progress Bars

TurboTax recognized the need to move from a single, linear journey to a customer-centric, behavior-driven approach. Using Movable Ink, TurboTax aimed to enhance customer engagement by creating personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

Using Movable Ink's data integrations with the Braze ESP, TurboTax created personalized progress bars for each customer. They took into account several customer attributes, including tenure (new or returning customer), the complexity of taxes, forms already entered, expected forms, and the specific product or SKU the customer was using.

With Movable Ink, TurboTax could dynamically update the displayed copy and percentage completed in the progress bar. This messaging ensured that customers received relevant information based on their unique tax situation and progress. For example, if a customer skipped a section, the progress bar would intelligently adjust the order to reflect the most relevant sections.

Race Against Time: Create Urgency with Personalized Reminders

Abandoning tax forms can be a common occurrence, but TurboTax is determined to keep customers on track. By incorporating image personalization into their RaceMode emails, TurboTax addresses the customer by first name to remind them how much time they have left to finish filing their taxes.

The timer serves as a visual race against the clock, urging customers to take swift action and complete their tax filing before the deadline. With each subsequent email, the sense of urgency builds, motivating users to prioritize their tax obligations.

TurboTax aims to transform the often mundane task of filing taxes into an exciting and time-sensitive challenge. Adding the customer’s first name to the timer makes them feel compelled to stay focused, overcome procrastination, and confidently complete their tax forms.

Results: 32% lift in CTR, $262k increase in incremental revenue

An Informed Tax Journey: Keep Customers Up-to-Date with a Fully Personalized Experience

Imagine receiving a fully personalized tax preparation email that understands your financial history and anticipates your future goals.

By understanding past interactions with their platform, the email displays product selections that are perfectly aligned with their customers’ history. Say goodbye to sifting through countless options—TurboTax streamlines the process by presenting services and features that best suit individual tax situations.

With targeted service features tailored to unique needs, TurboTax makes tax season feel like a breeze. Whether the customer is a freelancer, small business owner, or simply filing as an individual, this innovative solution guides them through the maze of deductions, credits, and forms, to ensure they maximize their return.

But it doesn't end with personalization and convenience. TurboTax goes the extra mile by incorporating social proof into their emails. Customers receive testimonials and success stories from satisfied taxpayers who have achieved remarkable results using the service. These stories serve as a powerful reminder to customers that they’re not alone in their tax journey, giving them the confidence to tackle even the most complex situations.


TurboTax unleashes a wave of personalized experiences that turn the tedious task of filing taxes into an engaging and empowering experience.

The future of tax filing is here, and TurboTax is leading its innovation.