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How Rakuten Viki Designs Creative, Personalized Campaigns Across Multiple Audiences

Rakuten Viki’s mission is to deliver the best Asian movies and TV shows to loyal fans across the world.

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To do so, they’ve built a streaming service that delivers value beyond world-class dramas, comedies, and action. The streaming brand encourages live watch parties that bring people together, offers custom recommendations, and even empowers users to translate content for a broader audience.

Viki personalized the mobile and email experience across multiple customer segments, at scale with the help of Movable Ink + Braze. This has allowed a small marketing team to produce outsized results, build meaningful value, and drive retention and acquisition.

Learn more about how Viki’s nimble marketing team created advanced personalization across email and mobile that fostered relationships with a global customer base.


increase in email CTR


increase in mobile CTR


increase in video play conversions