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The Magic Behind Milwaukee Bucks' Marketing

Winning off the Court: Milwaukee Bucks Cuts Production Time in Half with Movable Ink and Stensul


The Milwaukee Bucks faced a tough marketing play with their lean but mighty team: delivering real-time emails packed with game-day excitement.


They ended up scoring with a game-changing strategy that automated their email process. By teaming up with Movable Ink for personalized content and Stensul for efficient, on-brand email creation, the Milwaukee Bucks managed to keep every email fresh and effortlessly relevant—without the extra manual effort.

This case study highlights how the Milwaukee Bucks successfully brings the energy of the court directly to their fans’ inboxes, achieving the perfect blend of efficiency, engagement, and brand loyalty.

The Power Play: Automation for the Win

In the world of basketball, things are constantly changing. That’s why it’s important for the Milwaukee Bucks’ marketing team to have the ability to update important information in one place and ensure the change is made in one fell swoop.

Their Premium Playbook emails are a highlight, offering fans the best seats in the house along with essential information like game dates, premium seating availability, and more. They manage these updates through the Movable Ink Image Personalization app so that if information needs to be slightly altered, it will automatically reflect in upcoming sends.

Results: 2x lift in click-through rate compared to static version

Behind the Buzzer: Game Day Data in Action

Sports fans always want to be in the loop, especially regarding their favorite teams. That's why the Milwaukee Bucks' marketing team ensures fans are always up-to-date with lively, engaging game-day emails. The dynamic mix of information and entertainment keeps fans hooked from beginning to end.

Powered by Movable Ink, these communications tap directly into the NBA API data source for real-time updates. From a countdown timer that vanishes the moment the game starts, to live scores and stats available pre-, mid-, and post-game, fans have everything they need at their fingertips. A schedule also displays who the Bucks are playing next, along with the game's time and date.

Lastly, these automated communications include the latest Instagram posts from the Bucks through Movable Ink's Social Feed app. Everything is built in Stensul to create the exact look and feel the team wants to convey.

Results: 50% time saved in production

Key Takeaways from Milwaukee Bucks' Slam Dunk Strategy

  • Partnering with Stensul and Movable Ink enhances the customer experience, ensuring that fans stay engaged and informed while remaining true to the brand's unique identity.
  • Automation proves crucial for small marketing teams, allowing them to manage workloads effectively and achieve their goals efficiently.
  • Incorporating real-time information keeps customer engagement high, ensuring accuracy and strengthening the connection between the brand and its customers.