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The Magic Behind Fossil Group's Marketing

Time is of the Essence! How Fossil Group Automates Personalization Like Clockwork


In preparation for a year of innovation, Fossil Group recognized the critical role personalization plays in email. However, with limited resources, they needed a way to implement automation in a quick and effective manner.


In light of this challenge, Fossil Group enlisted the help of Movable Ink. Once the partnership was established, the team wasted no time and immediately began elevating their emails, particularly focusing on their highly anticipated holiday campaigns. As a result, they achieved exceptional results in less than a year.

This case study explores Fossil Group’s collaboration with Movable Ink, and how the duo seamlessly incorporated automated, 1:1 email experiences just before peak season.

Clocking into Customer Action: Tempt Their Next Move with Abandoned Cart and Browse Banners

For their inaugural campaign with Movable Ink, Fossil Group's marketers took a bold approach — they immediately tapped into behavioral triggers.

As one of the diverse array of brands produced by Fossil Group, Fossil Outlet aimed to enhance personalization and customer engagement. To achieve this, they leveraged a Key Message Module that incorporated waterfall logic. This module effectively displayed abandoned cart and recently browsed items, as well as the customer's most recently visited categories if the previous two data points were unavailable.

Each banner within the campaign directed customers to their respective shopping carts, product pages, or category pages, motivating them to make a purchase.

Results: 27% lift in conversions

Time to Point Customers in the Right Direction: Test Strategies with Category Navigation

Fossil Group has proven that a picture really is worth a thousand words. This is how they did it:

Their marketing team wanted to implement Movable Ink’s optimizer tool to compare the effectiveness of using images versus text in their category navigation bar. The purpose of this bar is to guide customers to a specific category within Fossil's website. The test was conducted for a total of 7 days, and the results revealed an increase in click-through rate in comparison to the text-only variation.

Results: 8.5% lift in click-through rate

Rock Around The Clock: Quick Wins with Countdown Timers

Sophistication can be achieved without complexity. Fossil Group’s marketers proved just that through their countdown timer module — quick and easy with prompt engagement.

This countdown timer drove urgency during specific holiday sales, exponentially increasing click-through rates.

Results: 277% lift in click-through rate

Watch and Learn: Spark Interest with Dynamic Product Recommendations

To enhance customer experiences, Fossil Group made their next strategic move by implementing dynamic product recommendations.

With Movable Ink's behavioral tracking pixel, the team could capture the categories customers had recently viewed. This helped their team gain valuable insights into their preferences and provide recommendations that resonated with each shopper.

Fossil seamlessly added these retargeted categories into their striking DCE (Dynamic Content Engine) emails. This innovative approach allowed Fossil to deliver highly relevant recommendations tailored to each customer's unique tastes and interests, fostering a deeper connection and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Fossil Group’s marketers work hard to ensure they send the most relevant and captivating email messaging possible, leaving customers with the pure joy of shopping.

With their remarkable accomplishments in one year, we can only imagine the growth and innovation that awaits them!

A Fireside Chat with Fossil Group

At Think Summit 2023, Fossil Group's Stephanie Turner chatted about how her team measured success, obtained buy-in, and maximized ROI in their first year partnering with Movable Ink.