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Women of Movable Ink: Meet Stacey Stewart

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At Movable Ink, we commit to building a culture of inclusivity and broadening ourselves as we learn from one another. We have multiple employee resource groups that are integral parts of our company culture, including Movable Pink, our employee resource group that provides women, non-binary folks, and allies of Movable Ink with a community for camaraderie, empowerment, and a resource for personal and professional growth.

We recently launched a blog series to highlight some of the incredible women who work across all of our global offices and departments. And as our teams make the transition to working remotely, we’re excited to keep the series going. Today, we’re proud to feature Stacey Stewart-Self, a Software Engineer and book club host extraordinaire

Stacey Stewart, Software Engineer at Movable Ink

How long have you been at Movable Ink, and what makes you excited about your role?

I’ve been working at Movable Ink for 2 and a half years. I work on our workflow engineering team, which includes projects like moving our authentication to a 3rd-party host, creating roles and permissions, and re-architecting our product offering around our mobile launch. I love working on this team because we get to touch so many different parts of the application and improve people’s day-to-day work within the platform.

What are some professional milestones that you’re proud of?

One of my biggest milestones came from taking a step back from work and re-assessing my long-term career. In 2016, after being in corporate retail for 5 years, I realized I wasn’t going to be happy long-term in that career. So, I left and started studying for a coding bootcamp. While it was very challenging at times, it has ended up being the best decision I ever made. It led me to Movable Ink and an engineering role I truly love.

When I started at Movable Ink, I was a Production Support Engineer, which meant I was helping solve support tickets while also helping build our Studio Apps. After a little over a year, I was promoted to Software Engineer, which was such an amazing milestone for me.

What does Movable Pink mean to you as a resource?

Movable Pink has been such a powerful resource for me from the beginning of my time at Movable Ink. While I was interviewing, reading about Movable Pink made me feel like I would be able to join an amazing network of women within the company from the start. It’s such a great place where we come together to build each other up, share our learnings, mentor others, and have fun as a group.

What advice do you have to other women working in or looking to break into mar-tech?

I think breaking into engineering specifically can feel really daunting to anyone, but especially to a group that’s under-represented industry-wide. My advice is to never stop trying and going after what you want.

What are you excited about for 2020 as it relates to Movable Ink?

I’m excited to see how we all come together during and after the pandemic.

Are you involved in other female-focused organizations that you would like to highlight?

Outside of work, I run a book club called BookBabes, which started in NYC and has now expanded to Boston. We have over 1,300 members and meet monthly (virtually these days).

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