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Women of Movable Ink: Meet Shannon Cook & Rachel Goss

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At Movable Ink, we are committed to building a culture of inclusivity and broadening ourselves as we learn from one another. We have multiple employee resource groups that are integral parts of our company culture, including Movable Pink, our employee resource group that provides women, non-binary folks, and allies of Movable Ink with a community for camaraderie, empowerment, and a resource for personal and professional growth.

We recently launched a blog series to highlight some of the incredible women who work across all of our global offices and departments. In this post, you’ll meet Shannon Cook and Rachel Goss, co-chairs of Movable Pink.

Rachel Goss and Shannon Cook

What are your names?

Shannon Cook & Rachel Goss

In addition to your duties as co-chairs, what are your titles?

SC: I am Associate Director of Client Experience, managing our team who oversees our midwest & mountain state accounts. 

RG: I work with our largest accounts as a Senior Client Experience Manager, leading an incredible team of campaign managers. I am based out of our NYC headquarters—although it doesn’t feel like it these days

How long have you been at Movable Ink?

SC: I just celebrated my four-year “workiversary” in June. I spent the first few years as an early member of our San Francisco office, and recently relocated to my home state of New York this year – just as the pandemic started.

RG: I celebrated two years at Movable Ink in July and have been actively involved in Movable Pink for the past year.

If you feel comfortable can you share some professional milestones that we can celebrate that are related to your experience as being a professional woman?

SC: At our fourth annual Think Summit last October, I presented insights and strategies on efficient marketing in the travel vertical up on the main stage. While I felt confident and at ease up in front of the audience speaking on a subject I’ve helped so many clients with in the past, the proudest moment was leading a panel with three of my female colleagues, who have all turned into great friends. It was such a strong visual representation of female leadership, experience, and power and I was humbled to be a part of it.

RG: I found my way to Movable Ink after working as a marketer for several years, so the transition into client success was a new experience for me—and one that left me feeling a lot of imposter syndrome! Working with my Movable Pink Mentor, I created a tracker to help me take stock of my wins on a regular basis. I highly recommend this exercise if, like me, you tend to get caught in the day-to-day of your job. Among my recent highlights: an “Email 101” workshop I led (outside of work) for artists. It was empowering to take what I’ve learned over the years and pass it on to help others.

Can you explain what Movable Pink is, and some of the events and activities you organize for the company?

SC: Movable Pink unites individuals who identify as women, non-binary folks, and allies of Movable Ink. We provide a community for camaraderie, empowerment, and belonging, and are a resource for personal and professional growth. Through events, mentorship, and open dialogue, we foster equality, advocacy, and inclusivity, respectful of each person’s journey. While all of our initiatives are open to all Movable Pinkers across all offices, we also host a handful of events where we invite our male allies, and even external networks of clients and prospects, partners and friends!

RG: Since we have around 150 members, our planning team regularly checks in to ensure that the types of programming we’re putting together fits the needs and wants of our group. For example, as a result of seeing an increased demand for more professional development, we hosted events on building an authentic online presence and empathetic leadership. More recently, we worked with Global Fund for Women to facilitate a virtual screening and discussion around the Black Lives Matter movement. As a result, we were able to raise over $2,000 for the non-profits featured in the film. At its core, Movable Pink is about supporting women.

What made both of you decide to join the planning committee and become co-chairs this year?

SC: I love the sense of connection Movable Pink provides to a company like ours, in a traditionally male-dominated field of tech. When I was in our San Francisco office, I joined the planning committee in late 2018 to boost the footprint of our regional office, mirroring what our sisters in HQ were doing. The decision to run for co-chair was simple: I have a voice, and I want to use it to share our mission to all 300+ Inkers and beyond. I want to do my part to make sure all of our members not only feel like they belong at this company and in this industry, but that they can climb the ladder to their short and long-term goals.

RG: I felt the sense of community Movable Pink brought to our workplace and wanted to be a part of making the magic happen. Our planning team is incredibly collaborative and I’m motivated by making everyone’s ideas come to life—co-leading with Shannon was a natural progression of the event planning I had been doing with the team.

What are you excited about for 2020 and beyond as it relates to Movable Pink?

SC: Each year, we run a 6-month mentorship engagement, pairing women across the company with mentors they can learn more, who can help their mentees grow in their careers and foster their professional and personal skills. I’m personally extra eager about the Fall session that just started, as we received almost double the amount of submissions than we’ve seen in the past, likely affected by our virtual state. We are taking advantage of the ease of worldwide connections, opening up opportunities for Movable Pinkers in different physical locations to be able to support, coach and motivate each other. I just started my mentorship with my mentee who is located in San Francisco, and it’s been amazing so far!

RG: To Shannon’s point, we’ve been hosting more global events than ever before, including a ricotta-making class in Napa Valley, a tour of an Indian art colony, and a virtual book club. As our company continues to make diversity a priority, I’m excited to see more women join our organization and shape the future of Movable Pink. Even in the midst of this year’s tragedies, we have been able to keep our community engaged through simple resources like our private Slack channel. In the short term, I’m excited about a virtual film screening we’re co-hosting with Inklusive this month. The focus is on feminist and LGBTQI+ movements in Georgia, with moderated discussions using Zoom’s breakout room feature to make the event feel more intimate.

What can we expect to learn in the upcoming Women of MI Series?

SC: There is no shortage of talented, driven women at Movable Ink and we want to spotlight our own! You’ll hear about their journeys through this industry and what they’ve learned from other strong female leaders. 

RG: Since our stories as women are so diverse, Movable Pink means something different to each of us. I think you’ll feel inspired by the community we’ve been able to create! If you’re lucky enough to be working remotely like we are at Movable Ink, I hope some of the experiences they share will generate ideas you can bring to your own workplace.

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