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What to Expect from (Re)Think 2021

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Come one, come all brand marketers! (Re)Think by Movable Ink is back for the second year running this October 20th and 21st. The free, two-day virtual event for marketing leaders addresses the present and future of digital marketing through inspiring brand sessions that spotlight creative new personalization strategies. 

For marketers curious about how to create unique customer experiences through data, deploy personalization across channels, or convert new customers into loyalists, (Re)Think is made for you! To ensure attendees aren’t sacrificing too much of their time, (Re)Think takes place over just a few hours each day. Registrants can create a personalized schedule by selecting sessions most relevant to their industry and current strategic initiatives. 

Here’s what to expect from the event that keeps thousands of innovative digital marketers returning every year.

Ground-Breaking Keynote Speakers

(Re)Think kicks off each day with high-energy, inspirational speakers who share their experiences as influential members of the digital marketing community and their perspectives on how marketers can push the envelope. Attendees will hear from speakers such as:  

  • Omar Johnson - Marketing and branding keynote speaker, entrepreneur, former CMO at Beats by Dre, and former VP Marketing at Apple. At Beats Electronics, Johnson was responsible for brand development, advertising, retail experience, entertainment/sports marketing, and digital marketing for all global brand marketing and advertising efforts. Adweek named Johnson a "Brand Genius" in 2013, and Business Insider named him one of the "Most Innovative CMOs" in 2016.

  • Vinh Giang - Magic and marketing have more in common than you think. Both require practitioners to guide perspective, influence behavior and communicate masterfully. In this keynote, Vinh will cover the art of performance-enhanced communications and how to build skills that deepen connections with your peers and customers. You might even learn a few magic tricks along the way!

  • Stephanie Liu, Forrester - Stephanie is an analyst serving B2C marketing professionals. Her research focuses on marketing technologies, including marketing resource management and mobile engagement automation, as well as customer trust and privacy. She helps Forrester clients understand and navigate the rapidly changing landscapes of martech and privacy. Her research topics cover methods for marketers to drive efficiency and apply customer data in privacy-safe ways.

Learn From Over 25+ Sessions

Marketers can immerse themselves in over 25 in-depth sessions led by marketing leaders, industry experts, and some of Movable Ink’s innovative martech partners. Attendees can virtually sit in on sessions covering trends emerging for 2022, consumer behavior shifts, and how to implement successful cross-channel personalization strategies. Brand leaders such as Orbitz, Lenovo, StubHub, The Very Group, ESPN, and more will take the (Re)Think stage to share their experiences in rapid digital transformation and enhancing the cross-channel customer journey.

Customize Your (Re)Think Experience

Conferences can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why this year, (Re)Think is taking an a la carte approach to virtual conferencing. Understanding that the marketer’s time is of the essence, attendees can make their own custom (Re)Think agendas that include only the events and sessions they wish to be a part of. Make the most of your time at (Re)Think by bouncing between sessions based on your current needs and interests without taking substantial time away from your busy schedule.

Unlock New Potential With Partners

Partnerships are often central to a brand’s success. While there may be many moving parts in a brand’s tech stack, finding ways to connect data across platforms is a notorious challenge. At (Re)Think, attendees will hear from our valued partners at MessageGears, Braze, Phrasee, Iterable, Pega, and Branch on achieving data fluidity and getting their systems talking to one another. In these sessions, attendees can discover how to streamline personalization across their partners to create seamless marketing experiences for every consumer.  

Don't Forget Raffles to NYC, Hamilton Tickets, and More!

Thought this would get your attention. While the team aims for (Re)Think attendees to walk away from the event with a new, energized perspective on their marketing program, attendees should also leave with possibly epic prizes. 

Knowing that the arts and entertainment industries were hit hard during the pandemic, Movable Ink is thrilled to support world-renowned musicians and artists while adding more color to the (Re)Think experience. During (Re)Think, Movable Ink will hold a raffle during each afternoon content break for marketers to win a free ticket to Movable Ink’s in-person conference, Think Summit 2022 in New York City, which includes flight and hotel accommodations.

These are just a few of the exciting aspects of (Re)Think, but there is so much more ahead to discover. If you can’t make it or miss one of the live sessions, you can find all of the sessions on-demand on the (Re)Think agenda page after the event goes live.

Can’t wait to see you at (Re)Think on October 20th and 21st! Make sure you register your spot today and start building your personalized schedule. 

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October 20-21, 2021
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