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[Webinar] How Lenovo and Movable Ink Create Real-time, Personalized Experiences with Email

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about using live data in your emails to deliver better customer experiences. But how can you use live data, and what does it look like in action?

Oracle and Movable Ink have teamed up to show you how to leverage live data to create engaging real-time email experiences that respond to the immediate needs of your customers.

We’ll discuss how marketers such as Lenovo are unlocking live data to help solve some of marketing’s biggest challenges. You’ll learn how live content can help to:

– Allow you to respond to your customer’s behavioral signals in real-time
– Build experiences that reflect the contextual, immediate needs of the mobile customer
– Continually test and optimize marketing campaigns on the fly across device
– Automate content creation using live website, social, and API driven sources

Join us on Wednesday, January 18 from 1-2PM EST. Click here to reserve your spot!

In the meantime, check out our Lenovo case study: How Lenovo Increased Productivity by 50% with Contextual Email Automation.

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