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[Video] Your Go-To Guide for Using Data in Real-Time Email Content

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We have a marketing problem on our hands. The days of one-size-fits-all messages are long gone, but what if I told you most brands are using segments that are far too broad? There’s no reason why we should be marketing to a 32-year-old luxury seeker and 35-year-old bargain shopper the same exact way. Their lifestyles and values are fundamentally different, so you should make sure your marketing messages are just as unique as the individual who sees them.

Sounds labor intensive, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Epsilon and Movable Ink are experts at delivering results with data and real-time content. Plus we’ve got your back. Now for context, here’s a little bit about us:

How we work together


Epsilon is the industry leader in creating connections between consumers and brands. They use rich data to help clients understand their customers’ lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviors. And here at Movable Ink? We’re the leading provider of intelligent content, which allows marketers to create content that’s personalized at the moment of open. Our cloud-based software platform is an intelligent layer that sits on top of your ESP and works hand-in-hand with any data source you’d like. So Epsilon takes care of the data insights and we deliver the tools you need to set up the creative that drives the personalized experiences your audience craves. Talk about the best of both worlds.

Check out Movable Ink and Epsilon in action

PayPal Small Business, a client of both Movable Ink and Epsilon, wanted to give merchants their insights month-by-month in a fresh, engaging, innovative way. Their existing campaign was stale and labor-intensive. Data had to be manually segmented out based on their domestic or international sales. But with data visualization, PayPal was able to show customers their behavior over time with dynamic maps and graphs, all driven by custom logic.

Here are some questions from our webinar:

Q: Do you need to learn a specific scripting language for Movable Ink or does it run off of FreeMarker like Epsilon?
A: There have been significant investments in making our platform easy to use and access. Our customer success team is available to help, but the platform itself doesn’t require any knowledge of code to get started.

Q: How are you measuring the success of personalized emails?
A: Our team is obsessed with measurement. We make recommendations based on our experience, but we’re never going to know a client’s audience better than a client. So the process is really going to rely on collaboration and iteration. It’s really important that we have a testing strategy that’s flexible and allows us to iterate quickly. We also have our optimization capability, which allows us to be fast and flexible and take some risks. You’re actually optimizing content in real time. When it comes to testing and strategy, we like to be able to look at very specific parts of the email to drive cleaner results and get better information.

Q: Do you have some pointers for getting this process started?
A: Comprehensive audit to pull together what you’re doing and looking for data points that are powerful and drive your KPIs. From there we can figure out how we can pull those things together to create a visual and contextual story that drives results.

The takeaway

You can use this match made in heaven to get more out of every touchpoint. Our joint strategies let us support each other, move faster, and grow together to consistently see incredible client outcomes while you get to cut down on your production time and impress your boss. The best part? You don’t need to be insanely tech savvy to get started.

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