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Universal Data Activation: Power Up With Braze

Title design reading, Universal Data Activation: Power Up With Braze
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Universal Data Activation Is Here

Data is a precious commodity for every marketer. Behavioral, profile, transactional, and product data are all gold nuggets of information—but sourcing them doesn't always pan out. When data lives in disparate sources, marketers find themselves with a truckload of work, and not nearly as much payout as they would like.

Movable Ink Studio’s Universal Data Activation makes those challenging manual tasks obsolete. With this release, marketers can automatically activate data into personalized, real-time content from any source at all times.

Universal Data Activation doesn’t just activate data from different sources, either. With these capabilities, marketers can seamlessly incorporate their existing tech stacks for a powerfully simple data-driven approach. This means that marketers can now harness the full potential of their best partners, such as the market-leading customer engagement platform Braze.

How Universal Data Activation Works

Universal Data Activation unlocks the potential for hyper-personalized, real-time content through a comprehensive approach to data activation. Here are the three main ways Movable Ink Studio’s new capabilities fundamentally transform how marketers create content:

  • Accessing data from any source 

    • Access any element of data (behavioral data, product and catalog inventory, or pricing information) from any source, such as a CRM, CDP, website, mobile app, or a homegrown solution.

  • Activating data without IT

    • Automatically map and transform each event data point into the correct field without needing to modify the current data setup or schema.

  • Seamlessly fitting into your martech stack

    • Lean on our new productized partner integrations to create hyper-personalized experiences that leverage additional elements of data for dynamic content.

Unlock Your Data's True Potential

Download the eBook and get the rundown on all of Universal Data Activation's capabilities.

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Better Together: Universal Data Activation and Braze

From creative generation to launching and reporting, the partnership of Braze and Movable Ink Studio’s  Universal Data Activation unlocks highly-engaging campaigns that are efficient to build.

While Braze enables easy cross-channel journey orchestration, Studio taps into all available data sources to automatically generate hyper-personalized content. No data source is off-limits, whether that’s another CDP or even Studio tracked data (like our zero-party data from live polls!), and having this level of accessibility multiplies the impact of every marketing message.

To put it simply, Movable Ink Studio connects data from all of your brand’s sources—including data from a partner like Braze—to automatically create personalized content at the moment of open. This method generates unlimited variations and gives marketers the valuable insights they need for future retargeting. 

Year in Review Email from Peacock

Take this engaging year-in-review (YIR) email from Peacock. By leveraging Studio’s Universal Data Activation, Peacock’s marketing team was able to quickly tap into data from two partners in their techstack - PickAxe and Braze - both leveraging different integration methods.

After tapping into these data sources, the streaming brand was able to create an animated, personalized YIR filled with dynamic content that covered viewers’ most notable moments, such as most streamed genre, favorite day to watch, most active month, and longest viewing binge. The effectiveness of this data-powered message was undeniable, and the campaign drove a 20% reduction in churn rate, a 6% lift in upgrades to paid subscriptions, and a 2 percentage point lift in content return rates.

Keeping customers on the ball is a breeze when data activation is universal, which is why the NBA used Movable Ink Studio to develop real-time email banners that always keep fans in the loop: team's total wins and losses, team leaders, next game info, and scores from the previous game were all included. To ensure the most accurate and relevant experience in every send, Studio leveraged data from the NBA’s internal API.

Universal Data Activation Is the Key to Your Campaigns

Every tool and partner within the martech ecosystem can now reach its fullest realization through Universal Data Activation’s capabilities. Every marketer can now seamlessly leverage their data for hyper-personalized content that’s engaging and quick-to-market.

Universal Data Activation: Harness the Full Potential of Twilio Segment

Creating data-driven, personalized marketing needs a martech system that works like a well-oiled machine. With the integration of Universal Data Activation and Twilio Segment, you can easily create dynamic, real-time marketing experiences. ...
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Universal Data Activation: Unleash the Power of Adobe

With Movable Ink’s integration with Adobe, marketers can easily activate Adobe behavioral data into dynamic, real-time content for unlimited variations that result in more clicks, conversions, and revenue.
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Universal Data Activation: Unlock Your Data’s Full Potential

Universal Data Activation is here! Marketers are now empowered to harness data from any channel at any time, allowing them to create hyper-personalized content like never before. Read here for the full rundown on this launch.
Blog title design reading, Universal Data Activation: Unlock Your Data's Full Potential

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