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Taking a Page from the Personal Shopper Handbook

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Customers are moving through the marketing funnel faster than ever before, and in order to build long-term customer relationships, digital marketers need to offer highly personalized experiences to every shopper. Developing a lasting customer relationship enables retailers to develop a loyal customer base and thereby increase the potential lifetime value of each customer. However, this can only be done if they have a complete picture of how customers interact with their brand over time.

With this long-term strategy in mind, digital marketers should take a page from the personal shopper handbook. Personal shoppers have mastered the skill of successful one-on-one interactions. For example, they offer customers products that match their specific needs and interests, while informing them of products that might excite them given their individual style. Personal shoppers stay in touch over time so they’re aware of changing style preferences. And they certainly don’t behave like an overly pushy salesperson that offers irrelevant products and ones the customer has already purchased.

To offer the most personalized shopping experience, digital marketers should apply these fail-safe personal shopping practices to their marketing strategies to create long-term customer relationships. This approach will not only ensure that marketers are meeting customers’ needs and preferences at the moment, but also presenting them with content that will be of interest as their tastes and moods evolve.

Coherent Path Co-Founder and CEO James Glover offers advice on why digital marketers should get into the personal shopper mindset when it comes to their customer strategy in his recent MKTGinsight article, ‘Digital and Traditional Marketers Aren’t So Different After All.’

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