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How Warby Parker Thinks Musically When It Comes to Email Content

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Despite all of the innovations in analytics, big data, tracking, and marketing technology, the biggest concern for email marketers is the same as always: click-throughs.

No matter what else you can track, you want to make sure that people are actually interested in the email content that you’re getting. Research from eMarketer shows that the leading challenge for email marketing success is low clickthrough rates, with 53% of respondents saying that it was an issue.

So how do you improve click-throughs in email? Through better content. Content that offers real value, right away, instead of hitting recipients over the head with a sale.

Here’s how Warby Parker did it in one recent campaign:

A Vision for the Future

Warby Parker is a start-up that focuses on providing distinctive eyewear to customers at a good price. That said, people don’t buy eyeglasses every day. It’s more of an annual or biannual purchase.

That said, emailing customers once a year is probably going to achieve minimal results at best. So how do you keep building a relationship with customers so that they’ll think of you when it’s time for a new pair of eyeglasses?

Warby Parker decided to offer subscribers a content-rich email with a little bit of everything: a video, mascots with hashtags, and pictures of a new eyewear collection. But what really caught my eye was the playlist: Warby Parker created a summer jams playlist for subscribers that linked directly to Spotify:

Warby Parker used Spotify for content marketing

This is a new twist on content marketing. By curating songs into a playlist, Warby fills a niche that hasn’t really been touched yet. Can brands be DJs? Looks like it.

By making use of Spotify’s shareable playlists, Warby Parker is exploring a new way to connect with customers. Over three hundred people have started following the playlist, which means three hundred potential customers who now have Warby Parker in mind on another channel.

Spotify may be a new kind of engagement experience for marketers to think about – rather than offering eBooks, catalogs, or fun images, you can offer songs, playlists, and, ultimately, musical experiences that customers can easily share with friends.

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