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(Re)Think Partner Speaker Spotlight

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(Re)Think is a free event for digital marketing leaders and practitioners that aims to answer the questions on how we work in this new world. If you’re wondering how to communicate your brand purpose, deliver on rising customer expectations, and tackle the ever-changing environment all while working from home, we’ve got you covered.

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Below, get to know our fantastic line-up of partner speakers and their sessions. Don’t forget to click through on the session titles to add them to your agenda!


Roger Barnette, CEO

Why Now is the Time for Marketers to Innovate

2020 has forced brands to accelerate their digital transformations and find better, more efficient ways to reach their customers. MessageGears’ CEO Roger Barnette will highlight some examples of how brands have met this challenge head-on, and what everyone needs to be aware of in the coming years in order to stay ahead.


Matthew Nolan, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Decision Sciences

Why Real-Time Really Matters, in One-To-One Marketing

Staying relevant is harder than ever. Decades of irrelevant messages have trained customers to ignore us, and question the value of every outreach. By focusing on relevance, marketing and customer experience (CX) pros have begun to rebuild their customer relationships – but how relevant can they really be, making decisions with stale information, without understanding what’s really going on with each individual, right now? 

Join the team at Pega as we discuss why real-time really matters in one-to-one marketing. We’ll explore how disruptive companies are raising the customer experience bar right now, by leveraging AI to power millions of decisions per day, for hundreds of thousands of customers, across dozens of channels – all in less than 200 milliseconds.


Patrick Dwyer, Senior Customer Success Manager

How Rakuten Viki Creates Scalable, Cross-Channel Personalization Using Movable Ink + Braze

In today’s ever-changing landscape, it’s critical for marketers to leverage their martech stack to create the personalized experiences that customers want. But for teams lacking resources, activating that data to create scalable campaigns is challenging.

Rakuten Viki knew this challenge all too well. The video streaming service needed to effectively showcase a wide variety of programming to their audience in a relevant way to create a consistent, engaging experience across their mobile and email campaigns.

We’ll discuss how Rakuten Viki developed a cross-channel strategy leveraging partner integrations that elevated their customer experiences and reduced production time, along with tips and best practices for driving more conversions from mobile, email, and more.


Gavin Laugenie, Head of Strategy and Insight

Adapting to the New Norm – How to Remain Relevant and Thrive in 2020 and Beyond

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 has been a tough year. Marketing departments have been stretched to their limits, only malleable teams that focus on empathy and customer experience have been able not just to survive, but thrive during this challenging time. Join Gavin/us as he looks at what marketing automation tactics winning brands have adopted and how working under pressure and adapting to the new norm, has generated lasting engagement with customers and encouraging retention and repeat purchases.


Sam Kowalcyzk, Client Success Manager

Corelle Brands: Adopting an E-Commerce-First Strategy to Accelerate

Learn how Corelle Brands was able to pivot their retail strategy by monitoring real-time industry data. While experiencing a radical shift from in-store to online, many brands have seen a spike in new customers and online shoppers. This surge in new customers has many brands asking – how do we drive first-time buyers to make repeat purchases?  

Join Lindsay Ball, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Corelle Brands and Sam Kowalcyzk, Client Success Manager at Emarsys, as Lindsay shares how her team pivoted their retail strategy to an e-commerce-first strategy in just 3 short months


Tash Reasor, VP of Demand Generation & Customer Marketing

Good to Great: Why Inclusive Marketing is the Answer

Just like good writers become great by reading voraciously and good directors become great by studying films from their contemporaries, good marketers become great by taking in inspiration from campaigns and the world around them. From this research, it becomes clear that a great marketing campaign is nothing without inclusivity. And the tools needed to build an inclusive campaign – a growth mindset that enables continuous learning, an endless stream of inspiration, and an eye for impact – are the same needed to create a truly great campaign. This session is your blueprint for building exactly that: a great marketing campaign that is creative, compelling, informed, and, more than anything, inclusive.


Michelle Lerner, Director of Business Development

The Importance of Customer Empathy in 2020


Partner Presentation: Airship (title and details TBD)

About Airship: Airship increases customer lifetime value by connecting with customers throughout the lifecycle, delivering valuable and engaging experiences, and discovering growth opportunities with detailed insight into behavior.

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