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Redefining Personalization: Award-Winning Strategies for Lasting Success

At Movable Ink, we are consistently impressed by the commitment marketers have to building loyalty and trust with their customers through vivid, personalized experiences.

This lookbook celebrates those campaigns and the marketing teams behind them. Whether it's a streamlined omni-channel experience, a team innovating their workflow with AI, or a data-infused emails that put the customer first, the following campaigns represent the modern marketer — trailblazing, automation-driven, and customer-obsessed.

See for yourself how these combination of traits lead brands to award-winning success.

Best 1:1 Personalization

Ulta Beauty’s marketers always bring their A-game to the inbox, and this module did not fail to impress. To build it, they use a Movable Ink custom app, which lets them dynamically add single or multiple SKUs to showcase various product details.

The app taps into Ulta Beauty’s ChannelAdvisor product API to provide accurate details and stock filtering, displaying labels such as “New,” “Online Only,” “Gift With Purchase,” and “Only Here.”  With star ratings integrated from the Power Reviews API (hiding those under 3.5 stars) and intuitive sales price logic, every detail is relevant and accurate. If Ulta Beauty includes more than one SKU, the app animates multiple product photos for a dynamic touch.

These blocks are then used by their team to target relevant products to customers based on their past behaviors with the brand, resulting in the ultimate personalized experience.

Accelerated Adoption

There’s nothing quite like a year-in-review campaign. It’s a customer’s central hub to see all the ways they engaged with their favorite brand throughout the year. Dunkin’s marketers saw remarkable success with their 2023 interpretation.

They implemented seven personalized modules, which included first name personalization, dynamic stats such as rewards redeemed and points earned, favorite overall item, and preferred store. Additionally, the campaign featured rewards status highlights, Dunkin’ personality badges with eight options, a video, and a Joy in Childhood Foundation module that displayed based on the customer's contribution. Lastly, a live poll determined the favorite Member Exclusive drink, with Irish Creme Iced Coffee emerging as the winner. 

These efforts excited customers for a new year with Dunkin’ and demonstrated the company's commitment to connection.

AI Transformation

Marketers everywhere are restructuring their email production workflows by fully redesigning and templatizing their processes, ensuring speed to market. AI plays a crucial role in this change, guiding customers through personalized journeys to discover new products while providing marketing teams with insights into which creatives resonate best.

Leveraging multi-zone personalization and AI automation, L.L.Bean now sends hundreds of thousands of campaign iterations daily, a feat previously impossible. This AI-driven strategy enables L.L.Bean to cater to each individual shopper with the most effective cadence, message, and content from their entire catalog, fostering lifetime value, increasing loyalty, and reducing reliance on promotions.

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